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You can find the best sites for Counter Strike betting in the table above. We curate these recommendations based on the site’s available CSGO odds, their engagement and support of customers and community, their respective security measures, and recent reviews written by impartial players.

Additionally, when we research eSports bookmakers, odds, and promotional betting offers, we enlist a series of checks to safeguard punters, enthusiasts and users. Everything you might need for CSGO eSports betting! We will only ever recommend establishments that hold the necessary licenses with UK, EU and CA based governmental bodies. In addition to these precautions, we only recommend bookmakers that are reputed for payouts and respected for their odds.

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For the most part, Counter Strike employs traditional first-person shooter gameplay, but don’t let the game’s simple graphics deter you. Matches pit two teams of five against each other in a best-of-30 match. Essentially, in competitive play, players must purchase armor, weapons, defuse or rescue kits, and manage their in-game economy to maximise their chance of success and hold advantage over the opposing team.

The game has seen professional competitive play for the most part of a decade and over the years has matured into a fan-favourite eSport with a sprawling fan base. It’s growth in popularity is attributed to fine-tuned gameplay mechanics, a ruthless ranking system, and an unparalleled field for balanced team-based combat.

Things to Know Before You Bet On CSGO

Before placing a bet on CSGO, you should become familiar with the core gameplay mechanics, gun-specific advantages, and map-specific tactics as herein lies the potential for “upset”, or unexpected results.

The best way to develop this game knowledge, prior to betting, is to play the game, but watching professional streams is also a great way to cultivate your understanding. Most, if not all, of the sites listed above, host streams of the matches they take bets on. Strafe is especially useful, as it offers competitor’s head-to-head records and insight into teams and individual player’s recent form. These are a great starting point when it comes to developing your own betting strategies too!

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So, you’ve read up on our CSGO ranking system and now you’re ready to place some bets. Esports betting CSGO-ready sites offer a variety of betting types and available markets when it comes to Counter Strike betting. However, these generally vary depending on your chosen bookmaker.

That said, although pre-match betting is viable when it comes to Counter Strike betting, live-betting round-by-round is generally favoured. In comparison to pre-game bets, betting on live games is a more proactive way of engaging with a match. Generally odds are more favourable, but fluctuate as the round’s timer runs down. For example, if a team is struggling and the odds are against them, you may still believe they hold an advantage and wish to seize the opportunity to side with the underdogs. The decision, because it is presumed they are likely to lose, is considered a higher risk and would yield a higher reward. However, you will notice that a large number of markets (bet types) will be unavailable once the game begins.

Most Common CSGO Bet Types:

1. Round Winner / Correct Result

The most conventional betting type, when it comes to Counter Strike, requires you to simply elect the winner of the round at hand. A match consists of thirty rounds, and whoever takes the majority will win the broader game at hand.

2. Outright Winner

If you’re betting on a tournament then “outright winner” will ordinarily refer to the winner of the entire tournament in play. However, caution should be undertaken when penning your betting slip, to ensure that your bookmaker’s definition matches ours. It isn’t uncommon for terminology to differ depending on the locality of your chosen bookmaker. However, for the most part, “outright winner” should have you elect your favourite to win.

3. Total Kills (Team/Player)

Totals are the most common special available to punters across all major esports. In terms of Counter Strike matches, totals will be based on specific team or player kills. It’s up to you to decide which to pursue, depending on your research and the strategies you employ.

4. Handicap

CSGO handicap betting, often referred to as spread betting, is a form of CSGO game betting where you will have you predict the correct score based on the matchup length (i.e. “Best of 3”, Bo5, Bo7). The odds are higher, but predicting an outcome can often be more difficult when adhering to this style of play. However, if odds for a straight forwards Match Winner are lackluster, handicaps are recommended.

Tips for Analysing CSGO eSports Betting Tactics

When reading live play, punters will be analysing the tactics that teams employ concerning map positioning and a team’s total bank and their respective weapon purchases. For example, if players repeatedly rush or guard specific routes, one player may be holding an angle with a more range appropriate weapon will hold an advantage. Whereas, if you are familiar with a specific competitor, and know that they are especially competent with a certain weapon, you may identify room for upset or a potential value bet.

That said, we would recommend live-betting for more experienced players or enthusiasts with strong critical thinking skills. The pace is often fast and unforgiving, so keeping your senses. When betting on CSGO, being on top of your calculations is especially important!

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Choosing the Best CSGO betting sites

In recent years, the eSports scene has seen unprecedented growth. There have been insane sponsorship deals, colossal prize pools, and the rise of “professional gamers” akin to their athletic counterparts.

In tandem, punters and enthusiasts have seen an increase in the number of eSports bookmakers offering the best CSGO betting sites. Whilst offering greater freedoms, enticing promotions, and unparalleled variety in betting types and markets, the vast selection can be a little intimidating, especially for newbies, or punters accustomed to conventional sporting bookmakers. After all, how can you be certain you’re in safe hands if the majority of eSports bookmakers are fresh-faced and new?

Strafe’s Got Your Back!

Don’t worry. We’ve got your back! Choosing an eSports bookmaker doesn’t have to be as hard as pushing a payload in a Grandmaster match. Read ahead and take a look at what you can do to cover your back and protect your interests when it comes to Counter Strike betting!

When searching for Counter Strike Betting Sites, your priority should be secure bookmakers with great usability, fair bonuses, and a variety of markets. Remember, if something sounds too good to be true – it usually is!


Ensure that your chosen bookmaker deals in your local currencies and holds the necessary licenses with either UK, EU and CA based governmental bodies when taking part in esports CSGO betting. If a bookmaker doesn’t deal in your local currencies, or does not list your country when it comes to entering payment details, then odds are they don’t operate in your region. This is especially important as, even if you win, upon verification, the operator may not payout. That said, legitimate establishments will usually see your initial bet refunded and your account terminated.


The variety of coverage and betting types that a bookmaker offers is a good indication as to whether they are worth your time. This is a common problem when it comes to conventional sporting bookmakers – their coverage sucks! They rarely stream the game you’re betting on, and the available bets are limited and unspecialised.  If there’s great coverage, generally you’re in the right place.


Make sure to study the eSports CSGO betting website’s promotional offers page and see if anything is currently running. Even past promotions will give you a good idea as to how competent a bookmaker is. Usually, Counter Strike betting offers, such as a free bet or specialised promotion, will run alongside a tournament, which means that they will usually be posted in the weeks leading up to the event you have in mind. These can be great, low-risk ways to engage with the tournament and practice your strategies for more advanced play.


Once you have found a handful of potential bookmakers, before your initial deposit, monitor the sites odds. Often, at a glance, Counter Strike betting odds may appear fair and well-calculated, however the depth of the game mechanics – and the varying degrees of player skill – leaves plenty of room for unexpected outcomes. Once you know the game, try and identify “value bets” that you believe may be particularly advantageous.

It might not be difficult to find one of the various best CSGO betting sites out there, but finding the right site for you can be a little more challenging. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ deal as every punter has their own needs, expectations and desires. Thankfully, we’ve curated a strong list here to help you on your way and get you started – but always exercise caution if you’re venturing into the unknown!


As with conventional bookmakers, you should expect payout speeds between 24 to 72 hours. The waiting time greatly depends on three factors—your bookie, your payment method, and the amount of money you are trying to withdraw. Generally, the larger the sum, the longer it will take to process.

Additionally, before withdrawal, it’s often required that you verify yourself with an additional means of identification that matches your card. This is to protect against fraud, for the most part, and is customary across most online bookmakers.

Contrary to popular belief, there’s no way to speed up payouts, but payout speeds do generally differ bookmaker to bookmaker. Some are notorious for taking the full 72 hours, others are heralded for taking less than 24 hours, but their stated terms remain intact and there are no shortcuts unless you’re willing to change your bookmaker entirely.


When comparing eSports betting sites, you should also consider the standard of customer support that you experience. This is especially important when it comes to the locality of your chosen bookmaker: Can you contact customer support at the times you’re most likely to be betting, and what contact options are available?

Adept and respected bookmakers tend to at least have a 24/7 live chat option available – not that you should need it, but as a security measure just in case. If things go south, it’s best to have the option there, so keep your eyes peeled and have a quick browse through reviews so that you know what to expect circumstantially.

It’s important to join a bookie that pays close attention to the quality of their customer care. If reviews are hard to gauge, as is often the case, the best way to assess their customer care is to check the number of communication channels they have available, or even test them with a simple enquiry.

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ESports betting sites are always competing for new player deposits. One of the most popular ways they attract enthusiasts is by offering generous deposit bonuses or running tournament promotions.

The best CSGO betting sites that offer bonuses will typically require that you, as the player, make a deposit first, and often the bonus is rewarded as a direct proportion of the amount you deposit. However, when capitalising on these rewards, you should be sure to read your ‘wagered terms’, as often free bets, matched bets, and tournament CSGO promo codes come with a set of rules that make profiting fair for both the consumer and the bookmaker.

CSGO Promo Codes

For example, in the event you redeem a promo code in conjunction with a tournament, that gifts you a “bonus balance” or “matched balance”, your wagered terms may require you to ascertain 10x your initial deposit in order for the bonus balance to “rollover” into your “real balance” where it is eligible for withdrawal.

These bonuses can be especially fun when you reverse engineer a strategy in order to meet your wagered terms, and should be used in a calculated and educated manner.


Ultimately, when searching for your CSGO betting websites, the aim is to bet on CSGO with confidence. Whether you’re reading wagered terms or checking their licenses and reviews, you want to find a bookmaker that operates in your best interest and values your custom.

Do the groundwork. Start small, spend time with your research and choose a bookmaker with respectable practices and fair odds. As with gambling, going in blind is reckless. Breakdown the site at hand and ensure you have a plan of action in place so that you can bet with confidence.

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Counter Strike Betting FAQ

Is Betting on eSports online Legit?

For the most part, betting on eSports is not prohibited by any international gambling laws. That said, when searching for bookies that provide good eSports coverage, you should ensure that your bookmaker of choice is licensed accordingly, which usually assures supervision from local government bodies. It is also worth noting that, often, if a bookmaker does not deal in your local currency, they should be avoided, as some bookmakers are only permitted to operate within a certain locality.

Can I bet on eSports on my mobile?

Betting on eSports through a mobile device is becoming increasingly more popular! The top eSports bookmakers, such as Strafe, offer well-optimised web pages and mobile apps, which allow eSports enthusiasts to bet on their favourite titles and tournaments on the go. All you need is an internet connection.

Are All Counter Strike Online Betting Sites 100% Safe?

Simply, no. Although we can say with relative confidence that the majority of CSGO betting websites are secure, you should always be cautious when considering a new bookmaker. First things first, ensure that you do your research before entering any bank detail. Look up reviews, consider their locality, and browse their licenses. That said, for the most part, SSL encryption and RNGs (random number generators) are security and protection enough – making it almost impossible for wannabe hackers to get close to your personal information.

In other words, if you’re using well-known eSports betting sites, you have nothing to be afraid of. If, however, you’re using an unknown betting platform, it might be time to make the switch to a more reputable one such as Strafe.

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