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8. Columbus, Ohio – Cold Winters But Otherwise A Good City For Young Black Families

Columbus Ohio Best City For African American And Caribbean Families

With a population of nearly 2 million, Columbus is a pretty large city. On our list because of the overall quality of life it offers, Columbus is ideal for big and small families alike.

Enjoy the multitude of parks around the city or cheer on the the Ohio State University Buckeyes with your family at a football game in the fall.

Columbus is great for those living on a budget because the cost of living and housing costs are both lower than many other cities of its size. Be prepared for the winters though as temperatures can easily drop down to the negatives.

9. Dallas, Texas

Living In Dallas Texas

If you’re looking for a city that offers the best of both worlds, Dallas is it. This city is a great mix of the hustle and bustle of city life and the charming quiet and calm of the suburbs. Although Dallas is another huge city, the cost of living is incomparable to other cities. In fact, the cost of living is even lower than the national average.

Whether you’re a family looking to rent or own a home in the area, this is the place to start looking. The summer temperatures are reflective of the heat of Texas but the appreciation of diversity will make you want to stay forever.

10. African American and Caribbean Families, How About Seattle, Washington?

Seattle Livability For Black Families

We promise, it doesn’t always rain in Seattle. Just pretty often. On the up side though, Seattle is another U.S. city where Black families are doing well economically and socially.

Aside from all of the popular and touristy things like Pike’s Place Market, Seattle’s unemployment rate and job market are booming. Additionally, Seattle has many beautiful places like Mount Rainier for family-fun weekend trips and entertainment.

The location of Seattle near the Pacific Coast also makes it perfect for the freshest seafood around!

10 Best Cities In America For Black Families To Live 2020

We’ve gathered these cities based on economic equality, livability and family-friendly activities. Whether you’ve just accepted a new job in one of these places or you just want to move your family to a better place, these 10 cities are great for Black families to live in America.

Since this was first written, we’ve also by popular demand looked at the best Atlanta neighborhoods for black people, so check that out too.

Do you live in any of these cities? If so, we’d like to know about your experiences in the comments section below.


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