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Step 8: If Things Get Out Of Hand, Let Your Husband Mediate

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Of course sometimes there are big issues that arise and you simply can’t ignore them.

This is the best time to bring in a mediator, and the best person for this job is your husband. Let him be the one to talk to his mother and sort out the problem.

This is a good approach since she’s more likely to listen to her son and make amends to her behavior. Of course, you should also make amends on your end too.

Step 9: Understand Your Mother-In-Law So That You Can Live Harmoniously

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One thing you need to do is be understanding towards your mother-in-law. She simply misses her son and might not know how to handle the fact that he has his own family. If you have kids, imagine how it’ll feel when they go off and marry or get married. Although parents are usually happy for their children when they find a life-long partner, it can also be devastating for them. It’s like someone else is taking her child away from her. Give your MIL time to adjust to you being in the picture.

Step 10: Give Your Relationship Time To Grow

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Just like any other relationship, you’ll need time to get to know each other. You might not click right away but with time, you’ll learn each other’s weaknesses and strengths. Depending on the differences in your personalities, you might not end up being besties, but at least every encounter won’t be awkward. Getting to this point can get be difficult, but with patience, you’ll get there!

10 Steps To Dealing With The Mother In Law And Living Harmoniously

Hopefully, these 10 steps will go a long way in making your relationship with your mother-in-law much smoother. Always remember that she’s the one who raised your husband to the man he is now. It’ll be a great thing if you would get along. What is your experience with your mother-in-law? Share with your fellow sisters in the comment section below.


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