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8. Don’t Try And Mess Thing Up As Revenge

How to handle a house share person leaving the living room untidy

It is easy to fall into the trap of revenging your roommate. Do not do that. Do not stop doing your own dishes and leave the house in a mess simply because your roommate does the same.

The best option is to do your part even when you are feeling vengeful. If you are sleeping in the same room, collect all their clothes and place them on their bed. If there are any common areas, clean them up and place your roommate’s stuff next to their bed.

As for the dishes, you can take their dirty dishes and place them in a plastic bag. Once they run out of dishes, they will be forced to wash them. Do not in any way damage their things or throw them away.

9. Compromise A Little Bit

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In some cases, you will have to compromise a little bit. If your roommate simply does not get the concept of being clean, just ignore them. Ignore their mess and move on with your life as normal. Stop trying to get them to clean up after themselves. For this to work, you will have to figure out a way of keeping all the common areas clean. You should also ensure that your personal space is tidy. Wash your dirty clothes and clean your dishes. This will bring about some sanity in your life but it will definitely not solve the problem of having a messy roommate. Just concentrate on the good aspects of your roommate and know that both of you will move on after some time.

10. Move Out And Find A New Flat Mate!

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If you have tried everything mentioned above and there is no change, then you should move out. Some people aren’t bothered by leaving clutter everywhere or even having dirty dishes in the sink for weeks! This is a terrible way to live your life and you should not subject yourself to such conditions. You can find out how soon you can move out from your landlord. If you can find another person to take your place then that would be fine too. You could also convince your roommate to move out although that would be a lot more difficult. You should not get stressed because of a dirty roommate, you have the choice of moving out when all else fails.

10 Ways To Handle A Roommate That Never Cleans

Have you ever lived with a roommate who never cleans? What did you do about it? Are you, or have you ever been the messy roommate? Share your experience and words of advice with us!


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