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5. Dookie

The dookie braid is one of those vintage styles that have been coming back in a big way. And one can see why; going retro is always making a statement. Like some other styles in this article, you can wear your dookie braids in any style for any occasion. A great choice for those looking for a throwback.

6. Pixie


I always felt that you needed your hair at a certain length in order to rock a braiding hairstyle, but that is certainly not the case. As stated by the name, this is the perfect braiding style for even those with shorter hair to go with. Given the name, however, it is perhaps the most time consuming style to execute, especially if your hair is really long. Something similar can be done using yarn if you want to add some length to your hair but without waiting for it to grow enough.

7. Cherokee


The Cherokee braid is yet another take on the cornrow style, and this is the one to go for if you’re not into the more elaborate cornrow styles listed earlier in the article. Even so, the neat braiding on the scalp  certainly stands out and the plaits can be styled in a number of ways.

8. Mohawk


The Mohawk is one of those really out there styles that you wouldn’t really think of trying out because of how out there it is. Over the years, the Mohawk has been toned down from its original state and has been tried out by everyone at this point. It’s really no surprise to see the same done with braids.


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