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Fire Red Labyrinth Bookcase

Labyrinth Bookshelf

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This fun Labirent bookcase is perfect to spice up a plain room. So if your interior preferences trend heavily toward the monochromatic, introduce this funky bookcase to liven it up. It’s interesting enough to make a statement but muted enough to belong in a tasteful apartment.

This bookcase is an exercise in space, so play around with how you place your books – put them in the corners to ground the labyrinth, or put them toward the center to draw attention inward toward a centerpiece.

Made by Decortie.

Murphy Hidden Door Bookcase

Hidden Door Bookshelf on sale

In every mystery novel, the main character pulls a book on a bookcase to reveal a hidden passageway. That is no longer just a fantasy.

This bookcase doubles as a door. Want to keep your bedroom separate from the common areas? Want to wall off the storage room that you don’t use anyway?

If you want to lock it, you can also purchase one of the company’s magnetic or biometric locks. Yes, a biometric lock – you’ll start to feel like one of Charlie’s Angels whenever you scan your hand.

Pick it up from Amazon.

Leaning Shelf Bookcase with Built-In Desk

Leaning Case Bookshelf

If you’ve always dreamed of a home office but don’t have space for it, this combination desk and bookcase is the perfect choice. You can store your inspirational business and leadership books right beside your laptop, business cards, and Toni Morrison boxset. This compact bookcase will inspire you to be efficient in all things.

It’s light enough to fit in the corner of any room without eating up space, so feel free to place it anywhere. With seven large shelves, it’s also spacious enough for an entire library and then some.

Pick it up from Amazon.

Coaster Cappuccino Corner Shelf

Cappuccino Colored Bookshelf, discounted for a limited time

Is your room too sanitized or meticulously neat? When you walk through the door, do you see only edges and sharp corners? Soften up any room with this wavy Coaster Cappuccino Corner Shelf, whose scalloped edges provide instant fluidity.

It’s small enough to fit in any room or spare space, but the shelves are wide and deep enough to fit a large book collection. It ships nearly put together already, so assembling it is a quick ten-minute process. This is a blessing if you’re not a crafts person.

Pick it up from Amazon.


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