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Sauder Cannery Bridge Lintel Oak Bookcase

Oak Bookshelf

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This bookcase is the pinnacle of rustic elegance. The wood looks fresh enough to have just been cut this morning, but polished enough to add the perfect finish to any room. It accentuates a room full of earth tones.

The nine square cubby holes are spacious enough for both books and personal items, while the three doors on the bottom serve as covert storage.

The surface is a bit rough and, at 169 pounds, this bookcase can be daunting at first. But it’s as sturdy, durable and beautiful as the oak tree it was carved from.

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Ameriwood Five-Shelf Bookcases

Two-Pack Bookshelf

Sometimes simplicity is the best choice. These bookcases have no flair – you won’t find hidden passageways or labyrinthine shelves – but that’s part of their charm. They’re innocuous enough to match any space, from minimalist to nature-inspired to Victorian. And they come in white, black, espresso, ruby red and alder, so mix and match to find what works best for you.

These bookcases ship in packs of two, which means double the books. Perhaps use one in the bedroom and one in the living room. Small and spacious, they’re also perfect for your first apartment.

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Reversed Criss Cross Wall Shelf

Criss Cross Bookshelf

If you’re trying to save space without scrimping on style, then these criss cross wall shelves are the perfect accents. At 17 inches by 17 inches each, they’re compact, but their lithe design leaves room for plenty of books. They’re easy to assemble, so there’s no need to purchase extra tools or enlist professional help.

At 11 pounds each, these shelves are light, so while they can support dozens of paperbacks, they may buckle under the weight of heavier volumes.

They come in pairs. Put them beside each other for a balanced look, or buy several and spread your book collection around the room to keep the eye in motion.

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Umbra Invisible Floating Bookcase

Floating Top Bookshelf

So you have an enormous book collection, but you don’t want to bog down your minimalist décor with heavy bookcases. What do you do? You need an invisible bookcase.

The “bookcase” is comprised of individual wall mounts. When you stack your books on each of the mounts, the books make it disappear from view – thus, it looks like your library is floating!

This is perfect for the woman who has a wide array of books in all colors. It can be as much of an art piece as it is a working library.

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The 12 Best Bookshelves For Those With Lots Of Books

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