12 Ways To Decorate A Small House Or Flat With A Low Budget

Decorating a new house or flat doesn’t have to be expensive, and making a small house feel spacious is much easier than you think. These twelve tips will turn a small, cramped apartment into a colorful, creative design space that you will be proud to call home.

1. Decorating On A Budget – Make Your Own Art

Decorating On A Budget: Make Your Own Art

You don’t have to be an award-winning artist in order to create spectacular pieces. Buy a large canvas and colorful acrylics from a craft store and paint your own abstract masterpiece.

For an even simpler DIY project, find high-resolution photos of your favorite paintings online and print large versions of the paintings at your nearest copier. Frame them in order to create your own home art museum to rival the Louvre.

The Google Art Project offers 45,000 high-resolution images from galleries all over the world, as does the National Art Gallery. The Metropolitan Museum of Art offers 400,000 online images.

2. Create A Photography Gallery

Create a Photo Gallery To Decorate An African American Home

Create a dynamically arranged gallery using your own photos. Group photographs by topic, such as family or friends, or unite disparate photographs by a common filter – sepia adds an artistic touch to even the most unremarkable photographs.

The beauty of a personal gallery is that it’s cheap to print and easy to change. Consider updating the gallery every few months – for example, during Black History month, trade out your selfies for black and white prints of civil rights leaders. Around the holidays, put up photographs of your family. Print off your favorite poems and hang them for a literary touch.

3. Double Your Space With A Mirror In Your Flat

Double Your Space with a Mirror

In order to make your flat appear larger then it actually is, hang a mirror. The mirror will give the illusion of extra space – which will make you feel like you get an extra 100 square feet for free!

If your space is especially small, line an entire wall with one long mirror. The living room wall is a natural choice because it’s such a social space; a mirror will make guests feel as if they’re in a spacious environment even if they’re crowded onto one couch.

4. Go All Natural On A Budget

Go All Natural When Decorating A Small House

Think of the earth like a store where everything is fresh and everything is free. At first glance, you might not see much that you can work with, but creativity is key.

In autumn, dried leaves make a natural fireplace ornament. In winter, pick up spare evergreen sprigs for a festive table centrepiece.

If you live near the beach, curate a colorful collection of seashells to accent your bookcase. Create your own rainbow sand designs by collecting sand into bowls, adding water and different food coloring to each bowl, and then pouring the colored sand into glass jars.


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