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Natural short hairstyle for black women

Now we have a haircut which is largely natural and rustic.

The aim here is not to go for ‘perfection’, but instead have a very natural look with a hint of minimalist style.

Easy to maintain and looks good with or without color.

Best short hairstyle for colored afro hair

This two-toned TWA looks simultaneously edgy and sophisticated. The shortness of the length gives you room to accentuate your cheekbones and eyes with gold and bronze tones (as in the picture), while the bleach-blonde top of the hair will add an extra spark to any outfit. Rock this look with confidence.

Top Short Styles For Natural Hair

If you have natural hair, as in non permed, relaxed or straightened, here are some styles you may want to try. These can be great as a full time style, or some even for transitioning between hairstyles. As you can see there are a lot of top ones around:

Curly short hair on a African American woman

I simply love this cut! Very curly with strands strategically placed at the side, this hairstyle works especially well for dark skinned black women.That said, no matter your complexion this hairstyle can work for you. The curls go up rather than down, allowing the shape of your face to really stand out.

Short tousled hair for black women

This short tousled look is especially great if you’re transitioning from relaxed to natural hair, or if you’re trying to figure out how to make your pressed hair last a few extra days. This style’s controlled messiness is part of the appeal, which removes the pressure of making sure every single strand is in place.

Black short haired woman short back and sides style

The short back and sides hairstyle is very trendy with women right now. You can vary the length you have on top, but the sides should always be close cut and close to the scalp. The top can either be ‘wild’ and unstyled, or you can combine it with one of the other haircuts in this article. This in itself gives you multiple options.

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A black girl with short hair

This short, natural afro is fierce and beautiful, and it’s perfect for the woman on the go. Just moisturize in the morning and then let your afro settle naturally into place. Push a thin headband about an inch back from your forehead in order to keep your fro in line and out of your eyes.


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