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Low maintenance hairstyles

This low-maintenance look tames your curls and frames your face.

It’s an upbeat style that can be worn at any length, so whether you have a TWA or longer locks, simply part your hair and stretch your curls – voila!

Wearing your hair out is great for warmer months, so put on a sun hat and rock this style to the beach!

Curly natural afro hair images

Get out your curlers and your flexi rods! This is perfect to give your natural hair the look of being freshly straightened or curled (without a straightener or curling iron). This simple cut will let you go to bed at night and wake up with a fresh style in the morning. If your hair is thin, this is also a great way to fluff it up.

Artistic hairstyle for black girls

This carefully curated afro is a work of art. Although it looks simple, it requires more maintenance than it looks in order to achieve its perfectly round shape, so keep an afro pick in your purse. The key to this look is the sharp line-up along the edges and forehead, which balances out the roundness of the afro. Pair this look with a bold lipstick and a color-blocked wardrobe for a modern art-inspired look.

If you’ve never used flexi rods before, look at a quick tutorial:

1990s Grace Jones style hairstyle James Bond Villain

This supermodel-inspired haircut is perfect for showcasing bold lipsticks, heavy contours and naturally high cheekbones. This edgy look is perfect for feminine women who want to draw attention to their faces, more androgynous women who want to experiment with makeup and more creative looks, or masculine women who don’t want to deal with long hair. Plus, the flat top recalls the ’90s, which will never go out of style. A must for all fans of Grace Jones.

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Black girl with short spiky hair

This is a short haircut for those of you that bit more adventurous. It’s loud, it’s proud, and its spiky! You can even add a hint of color in their if you want to make things that bit more bold. Ok, onto the next. 🙂

Black woman with a tempered mohawk

This tempered mohawk is unique but not over the top. Whereas a typical mohawk would require you to shave your head, this elegant “faux-hawk” lets you comb or twist your hair upward toward a peak. Best of all, because it’s only lightly combed, you won’t comb out your curl pattern when creating this look, so it will still showcase your beautiful coils.

Short Hairstyle Ideas When Using Relaxers And Straighteners

As I’m sure you’re aware, there are also many great styles for those who have opted out of having natural hair. Not sure what your next style is going to be? Here are some ideas:

Smiling woman with low cut hair

This is a short hairstyle that will suit all kinds of faces. The side fringe adds some personality to the cut, giving it an interesting look which shades part of your face. You can experiment with or without the fringe, as well as the length of the cut at the back.


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