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Sevana, A Top Black Female Reggae Singer


Sevana began her singing career as an 8 year old Jamaican country girl, belting out Celine Dion’s A New Day over the breakfast table in rural Westmoreland. She knew then she wanted to sing. In her teens she joined a girl group SLR, and they placed third in the Digicel Rising Star talent competition of 2008.

But it was when she struck out on her own as a solo artist that she truly began to shine. She’s not afraid of musical experimentation – she counts Anita Baker, Prince, Ray Charles, Bob Marley and Coldplay among her influences!

She released her first single ‘Chant It’ in 2016, which was less reggae, more Beyonce-slow-jam vibe with a bluesy undertone. But her next tune ‘Bit Too Shy’ was reggae through and through. She’s definitely a versatile artist.

She’s Protoje’s prodigy (try and say that fast!) and joined him on his European tour in 2015. Now she’s performing at Reggae Jam and working with David Rodigan. What more could an aspiring reggae star want?!

Hempress Sativa


Born to a musical Jamaican Rasta family, Hempress Sativa was born into the reggae world. Her father Ilawi Malawi (less glamorously officially named Albert Johnson) ran the Jah Love Sound System from when Hempress was just a little girl named Kerida.

Kerida jumped into her first performance at the age of 13, and she’s been going strong ever since. She hails Rastafari to the full, not afraid to show off her faith over heavy dub or hip-hop inspired rhythms. She’s all about justice, spirituality, strength, pride, and… the green herb. A fierce fearless attitude, quick chanting, slow melodies, and a spiritual message all blend together to make a hypnotic sound you just can’t turn off.

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5 Black Female Reggae Artists & Singers You Need To Hear Conclusion

We hope you’ve found a new reggae artist to listen to. Reggae music calms, heals, and reminds us of what’s important. These five women are taking an important messages all over the world, wrapped up in riddims that keep you hitting replay.

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