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4. Go On A Nassau Or Freeport Walking Tour

Bahamas Shopping Tours Are Fun To Do On Vacation

With prices as low as $12, a walking tour can be a cheap and fun way to explore the Bahamas. Not to mention, it’s a great way to keep up with physical activity as well. These walking tours offer a diverse array of options such as culinary walking tours and history-based walking tours. There are even some shopping tours if you’re looking for souvenirs and such!

Tours are available with multiple companies in both Nassau and Freeport so put on your most comfortable pair of walking shoes, grab some sunscreen and head out! If you’re feeling up to it, you can also plan your own walking tour. If you want someone else to organize it, you can check one of the walking tour options here.

5. Visit The National Art Gallery In Nassau

Art Gallery Bahamas Cheap Activities On Holiday

Situated just a short walk from downtown Nassau, the National Art Gallery in the Bahamas (NAGB) is a hub for culturally and historically significant artistry. The coolest thing about the NAGB is that it is located inside a mansion that was build many years ago. Many years ago as in the 1860s! So when you visit, you will literally be stepping back into time. Continuing with our cheap theme, admission to the gallery is just $10 for international travels ($5 if you’re a university student) and $7 for locals; children under 12 years old get in free! Find out more information here.

6. Want Free Things To Do In The Bahamas? The Beach Is Always A Good Idea

Free Beaches In The Bahamas

When all else fails, lay out on the beach and soak up the sun. Some of the more popular beaches include Junkanoo Beach, Cable Beach, and Paradise Island. If you are looking for something a little less crowded, check out the beautiful Paradise Cove Beach. Whichever beach you decide to choose, you’ll certainly have a good, relaxing time. Whether you are a solo traveler or traveling with an entire family, the beach is good fun for everyone. To find out more information about the different beaches in the Bahamas, you can take a look right here!

6 Best Free & Cheap Things To Do In Nassau & Other Bahamas Cities

The next time you find yourself sipping a piña colada in the Bahamas, give some of these activities a try. We hope that you are able to enjoy your trip without breaking the bank too much. What cheap or free things have you found during your trip to the Bahamas? Please share your experiences with us below!


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