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4. Pelau Rice, Trinidad And Tobago Style

Pelau Trinidad And Tobago recepie

Pelau is a meal that is known for its unique flavor. In most cases, the meal usually contains heavily spiced chicken, coconut milk, pumpkin, pigeon peas and rice which is the main component of the dish.

Pelau is a stand-alone meal and is normally eaten on its own without any accompaniments. This meal has its origin from the Indian pilau.

However, the version from Trinidad and Tobago has its fair share of local ingredients which gives it a more Caribbean taste. You should definitely try this!

5. Doubles (Chickpeas Sandwiched Between Two Fritters)


Doubles refers to a popular breakfast meal in Trinidad and Tobago which consists of chickpea sandwiched in between two fritters. It also works well as a mid-day snack that is both filling and full of flavor. Doubles are a favorite treat after a night out with friends. It makes a very nutritious vegetarian dish. The contents of the sandwich can include curried chickpeas and coconut, mango or tamarind. This is one of the best vegetarian dishes you will ever taste.

6. Trinidadian Spiced Oysters With Cou-Cou And Callaloo


Spiced oysters are a popular appetizer in Trinidad and Tobago. They are commonly sold on the streets as a snack. The cou-cou is a mixture of okra, butter and cornmeal which is then stirred while boiling until it gets firm. The cou-cou is usually served with callaloo which is a mixture of dashdeen leaves, coconut and okra. Eating the spiced-oyster as the appetizer gives a spicy and metallic flavor that lacks in the cou-cou and callaloo. This is definitely a meal worth tasting.

6 Top Trinidad And Tobago Main Dishes You Simply Must Try

There you have it! The 6 top Trinidad and Tobago main dishes you simply must try. What do you think about them? Which one is your favorite? Let us know what you think.


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