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4. Food 52’s Jamaican Jerk Sauce

Dry jerk spices mixed in a jar

This Food 52 recipe is an American take on the Caribbean classic.

The process and ingredients are straightforward, and perfect for those who are new to Caribbean cuisine or looking for a recipe to build from and create their own flavors.

The recipe will create a sauce that can be stored and used later, but for best results should be used right away.

5. Kitchenista Diaries Coffee Marinated Jerk

Brown, wet jerk sauce in glass container

This recipe is the most daring of the bunch, but it packs a big punch! Kitchenista Diaries is a Washington, DC based food blog created by a self-taught personal chef named Angela. On this blog, Angela shares her passion for the beauty and authenticity of food and culture by taking traditional recipes and putting a modern spin on their flavors and combinations. In this recipe, Angela combines her jerk marinade with finely ground coffee which gives an earthy, smokey flavor that mimics the flavor that comes from the pimento wood of the open pits in Jamaican tradition. This recipe is more time and ingredient intensive, but well worth it!

6. Jerk Marinade From African Bites

Brown Jamaican jerk sauce with scotch bonnet peppers

This recipe comes from Africanbites.com. African Bites is an African and Caribbean cuisine centered food blog run by Imma, a home chef with a passion for all things flavorful and unique. Imma’s recipe is a wet marinade that features fresh mango and pineapple to add another dimension of sweetness and round out the spice of the scotch bonnet peppers. She encourages those who use this recipe to make it their own and adjust the sweet and hot balance to suit the palates of those eating. That means this is the perfect recipe to get creative and try a different spin!

6 Tried And Tested Jamaican Jerk Seasoning And Jerk Paste Recipes – Conclusion

There are many great, authentic recipes for jerk seasoning and paste on the internet, but the word from the culture is everyone has their own! Have you ever made your own jerk seasonings? Why don’t you tell us about it in the comment section below? And be sure to check out some of our other recipes, every great dinner needs the perfect side!


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