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4. Tribal Wall Hanging Mask

African hanging mask

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Masks in African culture date back to the earliest recorded history of humans, where they were used in rituals – mostly to communicate with spirits. You might not want to do that with them in your home, but they do add a very traditional element to your décor. African masks are often made of leather, but these eco-friendly and fair-trade masks sold here are made from recyclable materials and wood from trees like Neem in order to promote forest sustainability. As well as that, all the masks are hand-painted and hand-carved, so you can feel good about where your money is going if you purchase one for your walls.

3. Carved Wooden Figures

African women wooden figurines

A pretty traditional African-inspired way to decorate your home, these carved wooden figures are nonetheless beautifully crafted and would make a wonderful addition to any spot in your home. The artist – the same one who designs the beautiful wooden bowls – has several different designs available; some in colour, others just in plain black African wood, and there are options for you to buy just one or a set if you’d like more to make a collection. Find them right here.

2. Decorative Tri-stands

Decorative tri-stand with elephants

Elephants feature heavily in a lot of African designs, and the decorative tri-stands made by artisans in Kenya use them in their hand-carved work displayed here. The artisans are part of a cooperative that produces a variety of different art and promotes sustainable and green production process – in fact, they boast that the only carbon footprint left is in the delivery of the products to your home. So not only can you feel good about buying an authentic African art piece to display in your living room, but you also have a great origin story to go with it.

1. North African Decor Ideas – Moroccan-inspired Ceramic Wall Tiles

Moroccan bathroom tiles

If you’re looking to make your bathroom stand out, these Moroccan-inspired ceramic tiles might be just the ticket. With bright blues and intricate patterns derived from Islamic zellige-style tiles that are a cornerstone of Algerian and Moroccan architecture. The tiles themselves are made of terra cotta and then glazed with the bright turquoise enamel so they’ll really pop in any space. Whether you want them as floor or wall tiles, in sequence or as accent pieces, they’ll add a great pop of color to any room.

9 African-Inspired Decor Designs

Those are just some ideas we hope will give you a jumping-off point for adding to your own home, and you don’t even need an interior designer! Feel free to let us know in the comments if there’s anything different you’ve done that you think should be on the list!


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