9 Best Dual Shower Heads (Spring 2022)

Advantages of a dual shower head

A dual shower head offers you double the showering experience of a standard showering head, with many more settings to choose from and the ability to make washing a much more enjoyable task overall! If you’re looking to add a bit of enjoyment into your shower and want to make the best of this time, a dual shower head can give you a spa-like experience, a massaging experience and a rain like experience all in the one session.

Advantages of a dual shower head

Features to consider when looking for a dual shower head

There are a few essential features and additional benefits which make for a fantastic dual shower head choice. Almost every dual shower head designer on the market will offer specific unique features which are beneficial in that model, working to ensure that their model is the one that stands out the most. However, those most important features to consider, which we have been sure to include in all our featured reviewed models above, are all explained in more detail below to help you make the best selection.

Spray settings

For some people, the most essential special features of dual shower heads are their ability to offer a personal spray setting choice. If you’re looking at buying such a product to get the most enjoyment from its variation of sprays, each one of our reviewed models offers on average six spray settings. However, the Waterpik XET-633-643 goes one step further here with a total of twelve different options! From rain to massaging and mist to succulence, this will be a more personal choice.

Handheld or wall mount-only

A dual shower head offers such advantages of being both fixed and handheld. Those handheld only shower heads are entirely different product types that you will find are more temporary items that attach to your bath taps. With all products here being dual shower heads, you get an option to use them in two different ways, – as handheld, fixed or simultaneously. All models on our list offer a handheld option.

Hose length

Hose length

The hose length of your dual shower head will once again be more of a personal preference.

The longer the hose, the more accessible the shower when you remove it from its base to manually shower – and the more practical for those who are perhaps taller than average and need a longer reaching hose to place higher up in their shower!

Most hose lengths, including these featured review products, are around the 5ft range.

Shower head material and finish

Nearly all dual shower heads are designed using stainless steel properties in their makeup. For obvious reasons, the last thing you want to experience is rust after using your shower just a couple of times. Stainless steel is perhaps the most effective and more practical of finishings. However, you may also find chrome finishings, which merely offer a cleaner overall appearance. Be careful of those dual shower heads that are made from plastic. They are less likely to go the distance and apart from a few rare models, do not look good in bathrooms.

Shower head dimensions

The dimensions of your chosen dual shower head are essential because the more significant the surface here, the more accessible the water spray and flow is each time you shower. Furthermore, if you’re looking for that penultimate of spa-like experiences, your shower head dimension will matter much. The AquaDance 3-way Rainfall Shower Combo is designed to offer a more luxurious proportion at seven inches.

Flow rate

Flow rate

With all shower heads sold with removable restrictors, it’s worth taking a few minutes to read through each product description and check whether your chosen model also has this feature. By being able to remove this restrictor, you can increase the flow rate of your dual shower head, and this is what most people choose to do. This is perhaps the only way that you can experience the more powerful and increased water pressure and benefit from the many spray settings these wonderful models offer.

Diverter valve

Many of these reviewed products will offer a diverter value, and this is a small but essential piece of kit which allows you to switch the direct water flow between the two shower heads. This should be a simple switch, as the idea here is thoroughly practical, rather than having to search and seek out a button or other method while you are enjoying your shower! These models all offer a three-way diverter, and that is the standard option you should be looking for in such products.

Anti-clog nozzles

Dual shower heads are the more potent of shower appliances, and this is only made possible when their water flow isn’t restricted.

The best model should be one that actively works to reduce any limescale build up and prevent bacteria from clogging the nozzles and lessening the showers power.

The AquaStar Elite Spa Shower Head Combo is the perfect example of a model which works to ensure less clogging and increases the water pressure available throughout.


Installing a dual shower head should be perhaps one of the easier of jobs to do, especially when compared to installing a shower from scratch! This is primarily because these models only need a standard current shower arm in place which they merely mount on to. With all of these models not requiring tools or plumbing knowledge, any one of these products can be installed and indeed used within a few minutes flat.


Finally, many people prefer to purchase a dual shower head which offers a satisfactory guarantee should anything happen with the product once it’s installed. You may have noticed that a couple of these reviewed models offer a lifetime warranty. This makes them some of the more attractive of models because not only does it show the company has complete confidence in their product, it also means should anything happen to your dual shower head, you can get in touch directly with the company and discuss repairs or replacements with the least amount of hassle.

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