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7. Angela Davis: Food Blogger

Angela Davis of Kitchenistadiaries

Do you love food? Head over to Angela Davis’ blog, Kitchenista Diaries. The awesome thing about her is the fact that she is a self-taught cook and all the meals she prepares can be done at home.

Comfort food is Angela’s passion which is why she’s always on the lookout for various ways to prepare meals, exploring new techniques and ingredients and finding tools that make meal preparation go much smoother.

Head over to her blog and get to know how to prepare lots of mouth-watering meals.

8. Gabi Gregg: Fashion Blogger

Gabbi Gregg

Gabi started her fashion blog, GabiFresh.com, to show her fashion and writing skills. What started out as a hobby has turned out to be a full-time career for her. One unique thing about her blog is the fact that it caters to younger women who are sizes 14 and above.

She inspires young black women to experiment with different outfits regardless of their size. As one of the first plus size black female fashion bloggers, she continues to inspire many women and girls to embrace their curves.

9. Ginger: Personal Finance


If your want to get your finances in order, you should read Ginger’s blog, Girls Just Wanna Have Funds. Her aim is to educate black women about finances.

You’ll find a wide range of financial topics on her blog including debt reduction, budgeting and money management basics. Reading one of her blog posts will inspire you to take the necessary steps to secure your financial situation.

It’s good to have enough money to live on, money for emergencies and being debt free. With her blog, you can achieve all those things.

9 Black Female Bloggers Who Make The World A Better Place

If you haven’t read any of these women’s blogs, it’s about time you went got started. We could only include 9 black female bloggers in this list but there are many more.

Tell us your favorite bloggers in this list and even the ones who aren’t mentioned. It’s good to appreciate the efforts of black women in the blogging world. Cheers!


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