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Is This Food African Or Caribbean?


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Answer: Both.

This delicious food is made with cornmeal, butter and salt. In the Virgin Islands, it’s called fungi and is especially popular with callaloo. In Kenya, it’s called ugali and is often eaten with tilapia. Other names for it are mealiepap (South Africa) and mayi moulin (Haiti).

Jamaicans are known for ackee and saltfish. But did you know that ackee originated in West Africa? Until the 1700s, you were more likely to find ackee growing in Mali than in Jamaica.

Of course, no Caribbean meal is complete without plantain and fish, which are available in nearly every country in West Africa and the Caribbean.

Which Woman Is African And Which Is Caribbean?

South African


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Answer: The first woman is African (South Africa) and the second woman is Caribbean (Barbados).

Based on Trevor Noah from the Daily Show, you might think all South Africans are light-skinned and mixed race. In reality, only 9% of South Africans are biracial; non-mixed black people make up more than 75% of the population. That means you’re much more likely to see a Xhosa woman like the one above.

The most famous Barbadian right now is probably Rihanna. But did you know that the Queen of England, Elizabeth II, is also technically the queen of Barbados? Yeah. Rihanna is a little cooler.

Are These Dancers African Or Caribbean?

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Answer: African.

The dance crew above is one of the most renowned dancehall crews in the world…and they’re from Kenya.

Just like Africa and the Caribbean trade song styles back and forth, they also trade dance moves. Dancehall and soca are especially popular in Senegal and Kenya, so don’t be surprised if you see someone speaking Wollof while doing a mean dutty wine.

African and Caribbean Women, Can You Tell the Difference?

There’s no way to for sure tell the difference between African and Caribbean women. But what matters is that they are all beautiful, intelligent and amazing!

Thinking of going on a trip? Consider somewhere in Africa or the Caribbean.


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