All You Need To Know About Beauty Bone

There is so much that our body is made of. Bones, muscles, nerves endings and a lot more. And, some stand out and enhance the way we look. Like, the beauty bone! Is this the first time you’re hearing of it? Scroll down to know everything you need to about the beauty bone. And, the ways to get it!

Beauty Bone

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What Is The Beauty Bone?

What Is The Beauty Bone?

The beauty bone is mostly just another name for your collarbone or clavicle, in women, especially. It is the bone located above the ribs in the chest. Like the ribs, the clavicle is attached to the sternum, sometimes also known as the breast bone, on its medial end. The other side of the collarbone is connected to the scapula for structural support to the shoulder. The beauty bone is known to attract attention when it is visible.

Why Is It Called Beauty Bone?

Why Is It Called Beauty Bone?
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The main reason behind the clavicle being called the beauty bone of our body is because of its predominant location in the body, above the upper chest. The location and structure give us the idea of body alignment in a person enhancing a person’s features.

Ways To Get Beauty Bone

Who doesn’t love a perfectly highlighted clavicle? And, if you’re not among the lucky ones to have a naturally sculpted and defining beauty bone, here are few tips and tricks to help you get one!


Jogging To Get Beauty Bone

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Healthy weight loss is the most effective to get some quality collarbones. Shedding some calories in the right places will help make your beauty bone more visible! And, jogging or going for a run will help you do just that!


Exercise To Get Beauty Bone

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There are some easy to do effective exercises that’ll help you emphasise your beauty bone ever better!

Shoulder Shrugs:
Doing this exercise 15-20 times a day can help you get a more protruded collarbone. Pull both your shoulders around your neck, hold them for a few seconds and repeat! It’ll help get rid of the excess fat near the said area.

Shoulder Rolls: This is one of the easiest exercises to follow. Roll your shoulders forward and repeat this exercise a few times a day for 10-15 minutes.

Push-Ups: Not the easiest of exercises but an effective one that’ll help you lose the extra flab around your neck with the added benefit of toning your core and arms!


Swimming To Get Beauty Bone

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Swimming is another way to help tone and lose fat around your shoulders and arms for a defined beauty bone, especially the butterfly stroke!


Yoga To Get Beauty Bone

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If extensive workouts aren’t your cup of tea, your next best and the most effective bet is yoga! It is one of the best methods to enhance your beauty bone. Simple yoga can help you make your collarbone more prominent!


Diet To Get Beauty Bone

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Workout and exercising to lose those extra calories are worthless without a proper diet plan to go along with. An appropriate intake of fruits and vegetables that are high in nutrients with eight glasses of water every day is a must! This will get you your desired results in no time!

FAQs About The Beauty Bone

Q. Are visible collarbones considered healthy?

A. Since prominent collarbones are linked to a skinny body frame, most people consider having a visible or prominent collarbone as unhealthy. But that is not always the case. On the contrary, it is deemed to be one of the most desirable body features, alongside a toned stomach and bottom.

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