Does Walmart Take Apple Pay? (Updated 2022)


As one of the largest retail stores in the United States with stores across the country, Walmart is a store for everyone.

It has low prices and bulk items to ensure you can always find what you need.

Since it’s a popular place to shop, Walmart has been at the forefront of the retail industry in innovation.

It’s always looking for new ways to meet shoppers’ needs.

One of the latest needs that many shoppers have is an NFC terminal so they can use their digital wallets like Apple Pay.

Here’s what you need to know about whether Walmart takes Apple Pay or not.


Does Walmart Take Apple Pay?

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No, Walmart does not take Apple Pay.

Apply Pay uses NFC, near-field communication, technology to apply its connected funds to a purchase.

Walmart doesn’t support NFC technology.

Instead, they support QR code technology.

That’s because Walmart has its own digital wallet called Walmart Pay.

It uses a QR code to use connected funds to make a purchase.

As a result, Walmart does not accept any NFC-related payment service.

That means it doesn’t accept digital wallets like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay.


Why Doesn’t Walmart Accept Apple Pay?

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Considering the popularity of iPhones and Apple watches, you may find it surprising that Walmart doesn’t support Apple Pay.

It’s a go-to method for payment for many owners of Apple technology.

There are a few reasons Walmart doesn’t accept Apple Pay.


1. Processing Fees

One of the main reasons that Walmart doesn’t take Apple Pay is its processing fees.

Although Apple claims that it doesn’t charge anyone to use its technology, that isn’t technically true.

Instead, it relies on the card issuer to make those charges on their behalf.

That means Walmart faces various processing fees based on the card that’s used through the digital wallet.

Depending on the card, those processing fees could be high.

That cuts into their profits.

Walmart wants to make as much money as possible on each sale.

To do so, they have to limit the number of fees associated with the sales.

Some stores pass this fee along to the customers.

However, that rarely sits well with customers.

To avoid gaining their ire, Walmart chose to forgo Apple Pay entirely.

Instead, they decided to make their own digital wallet to meet that need.


2. Walmart Pay

This leads to the second reason Walmart doesn’t take Apple Pay.

They want their own digital wallet to succeed.

To limit competition for their digital wallet, they make it impossible to use any other type of digital wallet in their store.

This isn’t only a strike against Apple Pay.

They don’t accept any other type of digital wallet either.

Walmart Pay works similarly to some other digital wallets.

You connect your cards to the wallet.

Then you shop at Walmart.

When it comes time to pay, you only need to click on the Walmart Pay app and generate a QR code.

The code will appear on your phone.

Then you scan the code at the checkout lane.

From there, the funds will transfer from your account to the store and the transaction will be complete.

It gives those who prefer a contactless method of payment exactly what they need.

Walmart doesn’t want other digital wallets crowding the space.

Given the choice between Walmart Pay and a digital wallet that already exists on their phone, many customers may choose to simply use Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay over Walmart Pay.

To avoid that, Walmart doesn’t accept Apple Pay and other digital wallets as a means of payment.


3. Increase Branding

A final reason Walmart doesn’t take Apple Pay is branding.

Walmart wants to put its name on everything it can.

By having its name out there, it attracts more and more people to its store.

A new way to increase its branding is through a digital wallet like Walmart Pay.

It appeals to those who are looking for a contactless method of payment.

They may feel encouraged to shop at Walmart over other stores because it supports this type of technology.

Walmart also doesn’t want to share this branding with anyone else.

Walmart doesn’t want its shoppers to be thinking of Apple or Samsung when they make their payments, for example.

Walmart only wants them to think of Walmart.

By not accepting Apple Pay, their shoppers become entrenched in the Walmart brand.

They use Walmart Pay to pay for Walmart purchases.

It helps encourage customer loyalty.


What Payment Methods Does Walmart Accept?

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If you have Apple Pay, then you may wonder how else you can make your payments to Walmart without it.

Walmart accepts several different payment methods for purchases at their store.

Even if you don’t have a digital wallet, you can still use credit and debit cards from major carriers.

Some of their accepted cards include:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • American Express


You can also pay in cash or personal checks.

Money orders are another method of payment that Walmart accepts.

The great thing about money orders is that you can get them directly from a Walmart store.

If the store has a MoneyCenter area, then you can receive a money order.

Some locations also have a single money order machine located near the front of the store.

This makes it cheap and easy to acquire a money order which you can then use to pay for your purchases.

The retailer also accepts its own card called the Walmart MoneyCard.

If you have any Walmart gift cards, then you can also use that as a means of payment.

Amex gift cards are also accepted, but you have to activate them first.

Walmart has its own credit card, too, called a Walmart Credit Card.

You can use this like any other standard credit card to make your purchases.

Finally, the store will also take SNAP food stamps if that’s what you use to pay for food.

If you’re making your payments online, then Walmart accepts a few other alternative methods of payment.

It accepts Chase Pay and PayPal, for example, for online purchases.

Reliacard cash is also accepted for online payment.

Finally, Walmart will accept Amex Express Checkout as a means of payment for its online store.

Both its online store and its physical store accept Venmo as a method of payment, too.

It’s one of the few stores that do accept it.


Can You Use Your iPhone To Make Payments At Walmart?

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If you prefer to use your iPhone to make payments, you may feel as though you’re out of luck since Walmart doesn’t take Apple Pay.

That isn’t the case.

You can still download Walmart Pay onto your iPhone and use that wallet to make contactless payments instead.

Walmart Pay is downloadable for both Android and iPhone.

Users of both types of devices can download the app and connect various cards to the wallet to make purchases at any Walmart store.

This ensures that even though you’re an iPhone user with Apple Pay as your primary method of payment, you still have a digital wallet that you can use.


How To Use Walmart Pay

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Setting up Walmart Pay on your phone is easy, but it does require a few steps.

Follow these steps to set up Walmart Pay and use it in a Walmart store.


1. Download The App

The first step is to download the app.

You can find it in the Apple Store or in Google Play depending on your device.

After you download it, you’ll need to make an account.


2. Add Cards

Once your account is active, you can start to attach various cards to the wallet section.

As long as Walmart accepts the type of card, you can use it in your digital wallet.

It also accepts debit cards as long as they require a PIN.

There may be other methods of payment that you can attach to Walmart Pay.

Check the FAQ page or experiment to see which methods are compatible with the wallet.


3. Go Shopping

Once you attach your cards or other forms of payment to the wallet, you can start shopping.

You can shop at any Walmart store, including its gas stations, and use Walmart Pay to make your purchase.

After you’ve selected your items, you’ll need to head to either the cashier or the self-checkout lane.

Walmart Pay works in both situations.


4. Generate QR Code

If you’re at a cashier, then the cashier will first scan your items.

You’ll then tell them that you’re paying with Walmart Pay or they’ll ask you.

At this stage, you’ll need to enter the Walmart Pay app and scan the QR code that the register generates.

This tells the app to move the correct amount of funds from your account to the register.

Once the funds clear, the process is complete, and you can take your items and leave.

At the self-checkout lane, it’s a similar process.

You’ll first scan your items to ring them up.

When you’re done, you’ll need to open the Walmart app and scan the QR code that the register generates.

You may need to press the button for the Walmart Pay option on the checkout screen.

After you have scanned the code, the funds will transfer from your account to the store.

You’ll receive a notification that your transaction was successful.

Then you can take your items and leave the store.


Advantages Of Walmart Pay

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If you’re an Apple Pay user, then you may wonder what the advantages of using Walmart Pay are.

Here are a few advantages you can expect with Walmart Pay.


1. Safe Payment Transactions

One risk that using a credit or debit card at a store poses is theft.

Although many stores invest in their security to limit the occurrence of theft, there’s always a chance that someone hacked a terminal or the server.

Digital wallets increase security because they don’t require physical contact.

There’s nothing that a hacker or thief can put on a credit card terminal that will steal information from a digital wallet.

That’s because you never swipe a card.

You only scan a QR code instead.

That QR code also has a one-time use.

You’ll never scan the same QR code again, n

or will anyone else.

It’s a unique code that’s generated each time you make a purchase.

That makes it extremely difficult to hack.

If you’re worried about your sensitive information leaking, then Walmart Pay can increase your security and give you peace of mind.


2. Sanitary

Many customers have an interest in more sanitary methods of making a payment.

Handing cash to cashiers or touching buttons to input a PIN can spread germs.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, more customers than ever are looking for ways to limit the amount of contact they need to make in a store.

Stores are also looking for ways to decrease the number of touchpoints in their store.

This makes cleaning and sanitizing stores a lot easier and cheaper.

Contactless payment methods like Walmart Pay serve that purpose.

It completely removes the need to touch a screen, input a PIN, or swipe a card.

The only thing a customer touches when shopping with Walmart Pay is their phone, their items, and their bags.

This makes the checkout experience a lot more sanitary.


3. No More Forgotten Cards

Nothing is more frustrating or anxiety-inducing than realizing you forgot your wallet or card at home.

It’s embarrassing when the cashier informs you that your card isn’t working.

Digital wallets like Walmart Pay also fix this problem.

Since most people have their phones on them at all times, it’s a lot more difficult to forget your “card” at home.

You only need to have enough juice in your phone’s battery to open the Walmart Pay app and scan the QR code.

If your default method of payment isn’t working in the Walmart Pay app, then switching to a different card or a different form of payment is easy.

All you need to do is click on the new card and select that as your default or as the way to pay for your purchases.

This allows you to have several different ways to pay without having to carry all those cards on you.


4. Fast And Convenient

A final advantage of using Walmart Pay is that it’s fast and convenient.

Checkout lanes can become long.

The longer they are, the more frustrated and unhappy the customers become.

Using Walmart Pay is a lot faster because you don’t have to wait for a card to process or for someone to type their PIN into the reader.

You also don’t have to wait for someone to get their change back after paying with cash.

Instead, the individual only has to scan a QR code and that’s it.

It makes the checkout experience faster which means smaller lines and happier customers.


Disadvantages Of Walmart Pay

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While Walmart Pay is a great alternative to Apple Pay, it does come with a few disadvantages.

Here are a few disadvantages of Walmart Pay.


1. Paper Coupons

While Walmart has its own digital coupon system called Scan & Go, it still doesn’t have a way to integrate paper coupons and Walmart Pay.

If you have a paper coupon, then you’ll need to either scan it into the register yourself at a self-checkout lane or hand it to the cashier.

They’ll put in the coupon for you which will apply the discount.

Then you can use the Walmart Pay app to make your purchase.

While the system doesn’t add too much time to the overall purchase, it does make things less efficient.

The fact that coupons aren’t integrated into the Walmart Pay app forces customers to use yet another tool, Scan & Go, to apply their digital coupons.


2. Only Works At Walmart Stores

The Walmart Pay app only works at Walmart stores.

It does not work at other stores that Walmart also owns.

For example, it doesn’t work at Sam’s Club.

This means that you’ll need another digital wallet if you want to shop at other Walmart-affiliated stores.

If you only shop at Walmart, then it isn’t a big deal, but if you also shop at its other stores, then this could be frustrating.


3. Collects Information

Using the Walmart Pay app allows Walmart to collect information about your purchases.

In some ways, this can be beneficial since it helps Walmart make you aware of certain discounts and coupons.

That can help you save money.

The downside is that it also uses the information to create ads targeted specifically to you.

If you’re wary of a corporation collecting information about your buying habits, then you might not enjoy Walmart Pay.



Walmart does not accept Apple Pay because it has its own digital wallet called Walmart Pay.

The store also accepts several other payment methods both at its physical stores and online.

The Walmart Pay app is usable on both Androids and iPhones, but it does come with certain advantages and disadvantages.

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