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Espresso Brown Hair Color

Expresso brown hair on a woman of color

Espresso brown is the most close hair dye color to natural black hair. As a matter of fact, most black women’s hair is not usually black.

It’s usually a deep shade of brown. This is what makes espresso brown such a great color for an Afro.

This color is perfect for those times you want to dye your hair but you don’t want to get too crazy about it. In some cases, it might even resemble your natural hair and most people might not notice that you actually have dye on your hair.

African American Hair Colors: Golden

Trying a golden ahri dye

Who wouldn’t love a golden Afro! Well, gold is one thing that most black women would like to have. If you want some gold on, then you should definitely try it on your Afro. The golden color adds a little depth to dark hair. It also makes the hair look fresh and brighter especially during summer. You can try on honey gold or even yellow gold, either of them will look great on your Afro.

Grey Hair Dye Example

Grey hair dye looking good on black women

Believe it or not, gray will look great on an Afro. It works well for black women with dark or light skin tones. This color is both bold and subtle. Many black women never think of dying an Afro gray since they think that it will make them look old. Well, this isn’t the case. The color will actually make your Afro stand out in a crowd. Grey also creates a unique look that is not common especially for Afro hair. It’s definitely worth a try!

Dying Afro Hair, 6 Color Ideas You’ll Love!

These colors are definitely a must try. Which color do you love most? Let’s here from you!


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