Feb 2022 HDB BTO In-Depth Review: Tengah (Parc Flora and Plantation Creek)

Updated as of 17 Feb 2022: This article has been updated to include more information released during the Feb 2022 HDB BTO launch. 

In the upcoming Feb 2022 HDB BTO launch, 1,273 units will be launched across two projects in Tengah. Here’s everything you need to know about the Tengah BTO.

Feb 2022 Tengah HDB BTO at a glance (Parc Flora and Plantation Creek)

Location  Parc Flora @ Tengah BTO: Along Tengah Drive and Tengah Garden Walk
Plantation Creek BTO: Along Tengah Garden Avenue and Tengah Boulevard
Classification Non-mature estate
Number of units Parc Flora @ Tengah BTO: 560
Plantation Creek BTO: 713
Flat types Parc Flora @ Tengah BTO: 2-room Flexi, 3-room, 4-room and 5-room
Plantation Creek BTO: 4-room and 5-room
Number of blocks Parc Flora @ Tengah BTO: 4, Plantation Creek BTO: 6
Estimated completion date Parc Flora @ Tengah BTO: Q3 2025 (3 years), Plantation Creek BTO: Q2 2026 (almost 4 years)
Nearest MRT Parc Flora @ Tengah BTO: Tengah MRT
Plantation Creek BTO: Tengah Plantation MRT
Notable amenities Tengah Boulevard Bus Interchange, Tengah Polyclinic, Jurong Polyclinic, Tengah Town Centre, Central Park
Feb 2022 HDB BTO Tengah Parc Flora full map
Parc Flora @ Tengah BTO full map. Source: HDB
Feb 2022 HDB BTO Tengah Plantation Creek full map
Plantation Creek BTO full map. Source: HDB

Feb 2022 Tengah HDB BTO (Parc Flora and Plantation Creek) price range

Here’s the estimated floor area and price range for Parc Flora @ Tengah BTO:

Flat type Estimated floor area (sqm) Price range
2-room Flexi (Type 1) 40 S$132,000 – S$152,000
2-room Flexi (Type 2) 49 S$157,000 – S$182,000
3-room 71 S$231,000 – S$273,000
4-room 94 S$322,000 – S$403,000
5-room 113 S$428,000 – S$525,000


And here’s the estimated floor area and price range for Plantation Creek BTO:

Flat type Estimated floor area (sqm) Price range
4-room 94 S$309,000 – S$377,000
5-room 113 S$420,000 – S$506,000

Parc Flora and Plantation Creek BTO floor plan for 4-room flat
Floor plan of a 4-room flat in Parc Flora and Plantation Creek. Source: HDB

Estimated downpayment, monthly instalment and income 

Given these price ranges, we can estimate the downpayment, monthly instalments and household income needed to pay for the Feb 2022 Tengah BTO. These estimates are based on the following assumptions:

In this illustration, we use the median of the price range and don’t take into account any CPF grants or savings to be used. We also use a mortgage calculator to calculate the estimated monthly instalments.

On top of that, we take into account the Mortgage Servicing Ratio (MSR), which stipulates that up to 30% of the monthly household income can be used to service the home loan. This allows us to find the estimated household monthly income needed.

For Parc Flora @ Tengah BTO:

Flat type Median price Loan amount (85%) Downpayment (15%) Estimated monthly instalment Estimated monthly household income
2-room Flexi (Type 1) S$142,000 S$120,700 S$21,300 S$547.58 S$1,825.27
2-room Flexi (Type 2) S$169,500 S$144,075 S$25,425 S$653.62 S$2,178.73
3-room S$252,000 S$214,200 S$37,800 S$971.76 S$3,239.20
4-room S$362,500 S$308,125 S$54,375 S$1,397.87 S$4,659.57
5-room S$476,500 S$405,025 S$71,475 S$1,837.47 S$6,124.90


For Plantation Creek BTO:

Flat type Median price Loan amount (85%) Downpayment (15%) Estimated monthly instalment Estimated monthly household income
4-room S$343,000 S$291,550 S$51,450 S$1,322.67 S$4,408.90
5-room S$463,000 S$393,550 S$69,450 S$1,785.42 S$5,951.40

What we noticed about the Feb 2022 Tengah HDB BTO (Parc Flora and Plantation Creek)

As mentioned in our Feb 2022 HDB BTO overview, the two Tengah BTO projects make up around one-third of the total number of flats available in this launch. The two projects are located a couple of streets away from each other.

What stands out to us is that the Plantation Creek BTO is located along the boundary between Tengah and Jurong. So if you manage to snag a flat here, you’ll be able to enjoy quick access to amenities in Jurong. On the other hand, the project is along the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE), so it will be noisier here.

The Parc Flora BTO is just next to the upcoming Tengah Boulevard Bus Interchange, which should be ready by the time this BTO is completed. So you’ll be able to enjoy better accessibility here as the MRT will only be ready a couple of years later. It’s also located in the heart of Tengah, where amenities such as the town centre and the Tengah MRT are closer.

Feb 2022 Tengah HDB BTO (Parc Flora and Plantation Creek): The Pros


The nearest MRT of the Plantation Creek is Tengah Plantation MRT on the Jurong Region Line (JRL), located around a five-minute walking distance. The station is expected to open in 2027. Aside from that, the project is right next to the future Transit Priority Corridor (TPC) across the PIE nearby, allowing you to head to nearby Jurong quickly.

As for the Parc Flora BTO, it’s next to Tengah Boulevard Bus Interchange that’s currently under construction. On top of that, it’s around a five-minute walk away from the Tengah MRT that will be ready in 2026.

Artist’s impression of Parc Flora @ Tengah BTO. Source: HDB

Despite Tengah being designed to be Singapore’s first car-free town, it should be pretty accessible for drivers. The town is bounded by the PIE at the south-west and Kranji Expressway at the north-west.

Food and retail amenities

Both the Feb 2022 Tengah BTO projects are located around a five-minute walk from a neighbourhood centre currently under construction. The one near Plantation Creek is next to Tengah Plantation MRT, while the one near Parc Flora will be integrated with Tengah Polyclinic.

Both neighbourhood centres should already be open when these BTOs reach their Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) date.

Plus, Plantation Creek will have an eating house, supermarket, shops and restaurants. So you don’t have to travel out of the estate to get your daily necessities.

Nevertheless, another option is to head out to Jurong, where you can find a market and hawker centre at Jurong Central Plaza, and Yuhua Market and Food Centre.

Apart from Tengah Town Centre, there hasn’t been any announced plan to have a mall in Tengah. So for your retail therapy, you can head down to the cluster of malls such as JEM and Westgate in Jurong East, Jurong Point in Boon Lay, Le Quest Mall and West Mall at Bukit Batok.

Recreational facilities

Currently, the nearest sports facilities are at Jurong East Sports Centre, where you can find a sports hall, stadium and swimming complex. There’s a proposed sports centre next to the town centre, but we don’t know when it will be ready.

But the highlight of the town is its abundance of lush greenery and green spaces. If you’re a nature lover, the good news is that both the Feb 2022 BTOs are located close to a Common Green.

Artist's impression of Garden District in Tengah
Artist’s impression of Garden District in Tengah. Source: HDB

What’s more, there’s a proposed Forest Fringe and Tengah Pond that will run across the south side of the Plantation Creek BTO. For the Parc Flora BTO, there’s Central Park just next to the town centre.

Healthcare facilities

The polyclinic will be within easy reach of both BTOs. For Parc Flora BTO residents, there’s Tengah Polyclinic that’s integrated with the Tengah Park Avenue neighbourhood centre within walking distance.

Likewise, residents of Plantation Creek BTO can head to Jurong Polyclinic located just a short bus ride away. (It will move 150m from its current location to the former site of the student hostel yo:HA @ Jurong in 2025.)

The nearest hospital will be Ng Teng Fong General Hospital in Jurong East.

We also noticed a proposed health and medical centre a few minutes away from the Plantation Creek BTO, but as of writing, we don’t know any other details on it.

Application rate 

Since Tengah is a non-mature estate that’s still under-developed, application rates for BTO projects here have generally been lower than other projects, hovering around a rate of 2 to 3. Another reason for the lower application rates is the higher number of units available here.

Looking at the application rates for the last Tengah BTO launch in November 2021, the overall application rate for 4-room flats was 2.1. Among first-timers, the application rate was 1.7.

So Tengah is where you want to try your luck if you really want to score a BTO during this Feb 2022 launch. As with other launches, we expect competition to be less intense here.

Price appreciation

As a new town, Tengah still has land for more developments, such as the Jurong Innovation District, that should bring up property prices here in future.

However, since flats are still being built here and the first BTO projects will only enter the resale market in 2028, we’ll look at the prices of resale flats in the nearby area to look at its potential price appreciation.

Overall, resale flats in the vicinity have been experiencing high price increases.

Over the past five years, 4-room and 5-room resale flats at the south of Plantation Creek have appreciated by 6.04%.

Price trends of resale flats near the Tengah BTO

And when we look at the 2-room, 3-room, 4-room and 5-room resale flats in Bukit Batok nearer to the Parc Flora BTO, the overall price appreciation in the past five years is even higher at 17.35%.

Feb 2022 Tengah HDB BTO (Parc Flora and Plantation Creek): The Cons


Looking at the URA master plan, some plots are reserved for schools. But for now, there’s only one school that’s confirmed in Tengah.

If there aren’t any other schools announced in the next few years, you and your kids will have to travel out to Jurong and Bukit Batok to go to school. This also means that the Primary One Registration will be more intense, as you’ll have to compete with other residents in the neighbouring estates.

Artist's impression of Plantation Creek BTO
Artist’s impression of Plantation Creek BTO. Source: HDB

While both BTO projects will have a childcare centre, we think Plantation Creek BTO is the better option due to its proximity to schools. The nearest one is a proposed primary school just across the street, which we think is Pioneer Primary. The school will merge with Juying Primary in 2022, and become Tengah’s first primary school when it relocates to the estate in 2025.

Besides, Plantation Creek is very close to Jurong, so you’ll have access to more school options nearby. This includes Jurongville Secondary and Jurong Primary just across the PIE. A little further southwest are Shuqun Primary, Rulang Primary, Fu Hua Secondary, Hua Yi Secondary, Yu Hua Secondary and Canadian International School.

At the southeast in Bukit Batok, there’s Princess Elizabeth Primary, Bukit Batok Secondary, Millennia Institute and Dulwich College.

Feb 2022 Tengah HDB BTO (Parc Flora and Plantation Creek): Where are the best stacks? 

For Plantation Creek BTO, we think the best stacks are the east stacks (325, 335 and 337) facing a proposed sports and recreation centre. Plus, these stacks face the Tengah Pond and Forest Fringe.

Site plan of Plantation Creek BTO, showcasing the arrangement of the different HDB blocks
Site of Plantation Creek BTO. Source: HDB

While the south stacks also face the Tengah Pond and Forest Fringe, they’re also the closest to the PIE. So the noise pollution will be higher here.

The good thing is that there’s a multi-storey car park here to buffer the noise. The bad thing is that drivers living in stacks 305, 307, 309, 311, 317, 319, 321 and 323 will have to contend with the longer walk home.

As for the Parc Flora BTO, we think the best stacks may be the north-facing ones (546, 548, 550, 552 and 554) since the project is mostly surrounded by other residential blocks. The plot is currently reserved for high-rise development. And further north of the site will be the town centre (in blue) and Central Park (in green). So those on the higher floors might just be able to get unblocked views of the park.

Site plan of Parc Flora @ Tengah BTO, showcasing the arrangement of the different HDB blocks
Site plan of Parc Flora @ Tengah BTO. Source: HDB

Feb 2022 Tengah HDB BTO (Parc Flora and Plantation Creek): Should you apply? 

Yes, if you don’t mind living in a new estate that’s still undergoing development. Parc Flora will be completed in Q3 2025 and Plantation Creek in Q2 2026. So it will take a couple of years before more amenities, including the MRT, are fully operational here.

The plus side is that you have a higher chance of securing a flat here, given that the Feb 2022 Tengah BTO projects will most probably be less popular than the Geylang BTO or Kallang/Whampoa BTO.

Will you apply for the Feb 2022 Tengah BTO (Parc Flora and Plantation Creek)? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Facebook post. 

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Frequently asked questions

How much is a Tengah BTO flat?

Tengah BTO flats are generally among the more affordable ones during a BTO launch. In this Feb 2022 launch, the starting price of a four-room flat is S$309,000.

How long does it take for the Tengah BTO to complete?

In general, it takes around three to five years to complete a BTO project. In this Feb 2022 launch, Parc Flora has a waiting time of 3 years, while Plantation Creek has a waiting time of almost 4 years.

Where are the projects located for the 2022 BTO launches?

For the Feb 2022 BTO launch, the projects will be located in Geylang, Kallang/Whampoa, Tengah and Yishun. As for the May 2022 launch, the projects will be located in Bukit Merah, Jurong West, Queenstown, Toa Payoh and Yishun. The August 2022 launch will see flats being launched in Ang Mo Kio, Bukit Merah, Choa Chu Kang, Jurong East, Queenstown and Woodlands.

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