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8. Concert Party

Image of Beyonce on stage at a concert

For all of our music-loving girls, this one is for you! Sometimes concerts for your favorite artists can cost exorbitant amounts of money for nosebleed seats at best. Why not have a concert night at home with your favorite act and crew? Set up a food bar, gather your makeshift microphones and choose a concert to watch.

In today’s age of technology, many artists have made it easy to access their tours online for an excellent price. My favorite girl time concert is Beyonce’s Formation tour. It has enough lovey ballads, girl power anthems, and diva personality to satisfy all of our emotional and musical needs for our night. For a more realistic experience, try to get your hands on a projector (some are available for rent at places like these) and watch it on your wall like your at-home stage.

Prepare for the laughs, tears, and off-key high notes while you jam with your crew…no inhibitions allowed!

9. Glamping Night

Backyard Glamping Camping Tent

Now for many of us, a night in the great outdoors may not sound like the most inviting experience for a good night. However, many of us do not realize how glam and exciting an evening outside with your squad can be! Find the friend with the biggest backyard and have your ladies pack their cutest athletic attire and sleeping bags. Plenty of blogs can give you ideas about comfy tents and accommodations for your outing. All you need are marshmallows, your friends, and an open mind! Add a fire pit for extra warm luxury and spend time telling your best date stories while gazing at the stars.

10. Cook-Off

Black women in kitchen cooking and laughing

Put down the iPhones and pick up the spatulas! Get your creative juices flowing and see which bragging friend truly makes the best mac and cheese. Find a dish or recipe that is easily created by all of your friends and host a cook-off to see who will come out on top. To make it easier on smaller kitchens, choose dishes that can be prepared in appliances outside of stoves and ovens. Chilis, stews, soups, stir-frys, and sautees are examples of dishes readily prepared in slow-cookers, electric skillets, and other cooking gadgets. This will eliminate the issue of too many chefs around the stove and open up options for work areas. Take time to shop and gather ingredients as a group, and start the timer when the chopping begins. Be sure to have an outside party to judge each dish, we all know friendly competition can bring out the bias in the best of us!

Girls Night In Ideas, 10 Top Activities For A Get Together Your Friends Will Never Forget Conclusion

Still stumped on what to plan? Check out some of our book and movie recommendations to get your night going. What types of activities do you plan when you have a girl’s night in with your squad? We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas in the comments below!


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