Godaddy Email login 2022: How to Login to Godaddy Account (3 Popular Methods)

Godaddy Email login (godaddy webmail login)

Godaddy services are used by 80% of businesses worldwide. This is why it is the most popular platform for entrepreneurs. GoDaddy was established in 1997. It allows its customers to search for domain names from a variety of TLDs and find the right domain name to suit their business/company. GoDaddy provides hosting and email addresses to its customers.

GoDaddy is an online platform that offers services to professionals in all fields. It includes everything from web marketing and fast hosting, to creating stunning websites, and domain name search.

If you are also in the professional field and have recently registered on the GoDaddy platform, this guide will provide you with all the information you need to log into your GoDaddy account.

We’ve covered three of the most popular ways to get into your GoDaddy Account. We’ve also provided instructions on how to change or reset your GoDaddy password in order to resolve login-related issues. Now, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

Godaddy Email login

Godaddy Email login

Method 1: Steps to Godaddy Email login

Step 1: Launch your web browser that you regularly use and paste this link “” in its URL address bar.

Step 2 – Next, press the ‘Enter button’ to navigate you to the Godaddy Email Account Login Page.

Step 3 – On the sign in page, enter your GoDaddy account username/customer ID or password (that was created when domain registration was completed on GoDaddy platform) into respective text-fields.

Step 4 – [Optional] After filling in the details of your GoDaddy account (though it’s completely optional), tick the “Keep Me Signed In on This Device” checkbox to continue signing-in to this device.

Step 5 – Now, at the end, click on “Sign in”. Once you click on that, your GoDaddy account will open.

Godaddy Email login [Image Sample below]

Godaddy Email login

Godaddy Email login

This will allow you to login using the login credentials from your GoDaddy account. You can also do it in another way! You might be interested in the same.

You can sign into your GoDaddy account using either your Amazon account, Facebook account, or your Google account. And, for that, you can simply click on any of these three options i.e., Amazon/Facebook/Google available underneath the sign-in button on the same “GoDaddy Sign-in Page.”

Godaddy Email login

GoDaddy offers webmail for workspaces as an additional service. To look professional and professional, you can also open a Webmail address from your GoDaddy product page.

This option is not available to all domain owners. If you do not have a GoDaddy domain, then you can opt for it at any time by following these steps.

These are the steps you need to take in order to open a Godaddy Webmail accounts

  • First, use the above steps to sign in your GoDaddy account.
  • You can then go to its product page.
  • Then, click on the ‘Create’
  • After that, there will be a lot of email addresses. You can choose any of them to use for your company.
  • Once you have selected the GoDaddy workspace email account, you can proceed to select your ‘Domain’.
  • You’ll then be asked to create an “Password” for the same. You will be asked to create a unique password for the account.
  • Next, click on the ‘Create’ button. After the setup process has completed, wait for a confirmation email.
  • Once you receive confirmation, click the “Next” button. This will allow you to access your GoDaddy’s workspace email.

You’ll need to login to your GoDaddy workspace Email in order to access it. Wondering how? Look at the below method to find out more.

Method 2: Perform These Steps to Login Your Godaddy Account with Office 365

Step 1:Using your regular-used web browser only, visit this link “” In doing so, you reach onto the login page for GoDaddy’s Microsoft Office 365.

Step 2: Next, enter your “Email Address”, and “Password”, for GoDaddy’s MS Office 365 account. Simply enter your email ID and password into the respective text boxes.

Step 3:[Optional] Next, check the box “Keep me signed into this device” if you wish to remain signed in for a longer time.

Step 4: Next, follow the previous steps and click the “Sign in” button to access your GoDaddy Microsoft 365 account.


Method 3: Perform These Steps to Login Godaddy Workspace Webmail

Step 1: On your preferred web browser’s URL address bar, this time paste “” this link and hit the ‘Enter’ button.

Step 2: In doing so, you’ll be directed onto the “Webmail Godaddy Login” page.

Step 3: On the sign-in page of GoDaddy’s Workspace Webmail, what first you’ve to do is enter your GoDaddy’s workspace email ID in the “Email Address text-box.”

Step 4: Then, in continuation, enter your GoDaddy workspace account’s password in the respective “Password text-box.”

Step 5:[Optional] Next, if you want to stay signed-in to get rid of entering the associated login credentials of your GoDaddy workspace account every time you want to access the same then, tick-mark the checkbox that reads—“ Keep me signed in on this device.”

Step 6: After doing so, you can click on the “Sign-in” button to simply access your GoDaddy Workspace webmail account.

GoDaddy Workspace webmail account

GoDaddy Workspace webmail account

You can also login with Microsoft Office 365 to your GoDaddy account. This works in collaboration with Microsoft. If you are interested in accessing your GoDaddy account using another method, then here’s how to do it.

This article will show you how to login to your GoDaddy account by following a step-by–step guide using either one of the three-popular i.e. website, workspace webmail, and/or Microsoft Office 365 methods.

Sometimes, however, even after attempting to login correctly, your GoDaddy account might not be accessible due to a variety of reasons. It could be that you entered the incorrect password or someone changed it without your consent.

You can reset your password to try to gain access to your GoDaddy account again, regardless of what the cause is.

To Change Godaddy Account’s Password Execute These Few Simple Steps

1. First, go to the “GoDaddy Login Page”, and log in to your GoDaddy account with the login credentials associated to your GoDaddy’s Account.

2. After logging in, navigate to the Workspace email and click on the “Products” option from the homepage.

3. Next, select the email ID of your GoDaddy account for which you wish to change your password.

4. Simply select it and click the “Edit” button. The “Edit Account” option will appear on your screen.

5. Next, enter a new password in the “Change Password text box.”

6. Continue to enter the same password you used for GoDaddy, in the “Confirm Password” text-box. This is for confirmation.

7. After you have completed entering your data, click “Save” to save it.

8. Wait for a few seconds until you receive a confirmation about your password change. Once you have received the same, close the “Edit Account Page”.

That’s it! This guide will help you to log in to your GoDaddy account. You can also reset or change your password whenever needed.

To Reset Godaddy Account’s Password Apply These Given Steps

1. Paste this “” link in your browser’s URL address bar and hit the ‘Enter’ button to visit GoDaddy’s “Reset Password Page.” 2. You will find the password reset page for GoDaddy.
3. Next, after you’ve completed providing your information, click on “Continue”, to continue with the password reset process.
4. A “Security Challenge”, a prompt will appear. You just need to complete the challenge.
5. Once you have completed the process, click the “Submit” button and GoDaddy will send you an email with a link for your password reset.
6. You can then click on the email link to access the password reset page. Once you’ve received it, enter your new password and follow the prompts.

In order to avoid such a scenario again, you should make sure your GoDaddy account passwords are changed at regular intervals of 30, 60, and 90 days. You don’t have to be a pro at changing your GoDaddy account password if you aren’t sure how. We will walk you through the process step by step. Take a look

What is Godaddy

There are advertisements of during your most-loved television show or sport event However, you may be wondering what exactly is GoDaddy? -is also called GoDaddy, GoDaddy US, and GoDaddy America is an American company with its headquarters in Arizona. Its primary activity is the registration of internet domains (i.e. websites and names) as well as hosting data from websites in its server.

As one of the biggest domain registrars as well as web hosting firms in the world, GoDaddy has more than 20 million clients worldwide. They provide a range of tools and services that include to both small and large enterprises, and is frequently an ideal choice for new entrepreneurs.

What Services Does GoDaddy Offer?

GoDaddy offers a number of web services for individuals as well as small and large businesses. From its most popular services, such as domain registration and web hosting, to niche services like issuing secure sockets layer (SSL) certificates, GoDaddy has everything you need to get your business website off the ground and keep it running smoothly.

What Services Does GoDaddy Offer?

If you want to start your own website, the very first thing you must do is decide on and register your website’s domain name. A domain name is what you see in the address bar of your web browser (e.g., GoDaddy and

GoDaddy serves as a domain registrar — a company that sells, manages, and registers domain names. It’s an accredited registrar with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the domain registration governing body, and a popular choice for domain registration services.

Beyond standard domain registration, GoDaddy also offers several other domain registration-related services:

  • Bulk Domain Search – If you want to purchase multiple domains at one time, GoDaddy offers a bulk domain purchasing option that will save you money.
  • New Domain Extensions – If you want an extension other than the standard “.com,” “.org,” or “.net” options, GoDaddy can help you select the right fit from one of the new extensions available on the market. Currently, new domain extensions include “.monster,” “.shop,” “.vip,” and many more.
  • Domain Broker – If you have your heart set on a specific domain name, but someone else already owns it, GoDaddy offers broker services in which the company will try to negotiate the sale of that domain name to you.
  • Domain Name Generator – If you’re a bit lost on what domain name to choose, GoDaddy has a domain name generator that can help. You simply enter a few keywords into the generator tool and it’ll provide a list of ideas.

If you want to name your business and your website at the same time, check out TRUiC’s Business Name Generator.

  • Domain Investing – GoDaddy offers a number of domain investing tools to help anyone interested in buying or selling domain names for a profit.
  • Domain Back Order – As part of its domain investor tools, GoDaddy offers domain back order services. If you find a domain you like, but someone already owns it, you can put yourself on a waiting list should the domain name ever become available.
  • Domain Transfer – If you previously registered your website’s domain name through another domain registrar (e.g., Namecheap or Doteasy) and you want to transfer it to GoDaddy, you can use GoDaddy’s domain transfer service.
  • WHOIS – If you want to know who owns a specific domain name, you can use GoDaddy’s WHOIS search tool to find out.
  • Domain Value Appraisal – If you think the domain name you already own might be worth some money, use GoDaddy’s domain value appraisal tool to learn its current value.
  • Business Name Generator – GoDaddy also helps entrepreneurs come up with great names for their businesses. Use its business name generator to identify potential names for your new venture.
  • Domain Auctions – GoDaddy offers domain auction services to both buyers and sellers. If you’re a domain investor or just want a coveted domain name, GoDaddy’s domain auction services might have the tools you need to succeed.

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