How To Deal With Toxic Family Members Who Are Bringing You Down

It’s not uncommon to have some family members who are the absolute worst. They can abuse you, use you, or discourage you from having personal prospects. Their actions can take a serious toll on your emotions and mental health.

So how do we keep ourselves from succumbing to their bad influences? We look at that below.

Ignore What They Say

Ignore What Your Toxic Relatives Say About You

The most common way that a family member can be toxic is when they say discouraging things to you on a regular basis. In a lot of cases, they think that they are giving you “tough love” when really it’s an excuse for them to be mean and insulting. After a while, you come to realize that you shouldn’t put too much stock into what they say. If relatives who do this sort of thing really cared about your well-being, they would be spending a lot less time berating you and more time giving you support, encouragement, or advice that benefits you.

Stand Up For Yourself

Black Woman Confronting The Relatives That Are Giving Her A Hard Time

The thing about some family members who bring you down is that they are unaware of the impact their actions or words have on you. In a best case scenario, speaking up to them and telling them how you really feel about their words and actions can help clear up the air. Even if there’s a slight chance that they won’t listen or won’t change, then do it to show them (and yourself) that you won’t take their crap anymore.

Don’t Stoop Down To Their Level

A Black Girl Being The Bigger Person And Not Stooping To The Level Of Her Toxic Relatives

There are moments when you just get really tired of someone’s crap. You’ve confronted them about it, you’ve ignored them as much as we can, but even with that, there are still a number of ways that family members can still bring you down. It’s enough to drive anyone to your breaking point. But the one thing you mustn’t do is give in and take part in their nonsense. It solves nothing for you and you’ve become no better than that family member who thinks little of you.

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