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How To Trust Them Again After They’ve Cheated

A Black Woman Losing Hope After Her Husband Has Cheated

Maybe you’re playing the victim of an infidelity and find it hard to rely on what your partner says. That’s normal but it is possible to regain the trust you once had. Consider these tips.

Be Honest About Your Emotions

Black Woman Giving Her Husband The Silent Treatment After He Has Cheated

The silent treatment is not an option. Now is the time to respectfully express your emotions. Let your partner know how you truly feel about their affair. It’s natural to hurt, and the only way to get past the wrong is to express how it made you feel. Do you feel unloved or inadequate? Speak up. When your emotions are out there, you’ll feel better.

Resist The Urge To Use Abusive Speech

Black Woman Shouting and Pointing At Her Mate Because He Has Been Unfaithful

Throwing three-year-old tantrums will get you nowhere. Throwing insults won’t, either. You’ll be angry, raging upset, and at times violent about the situation, but it doesn’t help. It does not rebuild trust. It will tear your relationship apart.

Regardless of how upsetting the situation is, try not to say nasty things to your partner. Your relationship is broken and should be handled like a fragile vase. Don’t allow the tongue to cause an even greater strain on your relationship.

Do Not Keep Bringing Up The Past

Wife Inconsiderately Reminds Husband Of His Unfaithful Past

It’s as clear as day, your partner cheated. That’s the elephant in the room and it’ll stick out like a sore thumb. There’s no need to browbeat them about it every second of the day. It’s also not encouragement for you to make mistakes and then throw remarks such as, “Oh, well, at least I didn’t cheat on you”. Once you’ve spoken over the situation with your partner, let sleeping dogs lie. If it’s held over their head, it’ll push them away.

They are already struggling to fix things internally, don’t add insult to injury. You’re hurting too but now is the time to work together as a team. Bringing up the past also shows that you’re resentful and and move forward and that won’t help.

Keep Performing The Activities You Previously Did At Home

Wife Displaying Affection For Her Husband Even After He Committed Adultery

Obviously, you won’t behave as though the infidelity never happened. But, that doesn’t mean you should stop all activities at home. Do you normally do their laundry? Continue. Cook their favorite meal, greet them when they get home from work, and make time for sex. It may take time to get open to sexual activities after your partner has cheated, but do not deprive them, nor yourself of intimacy.


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