How To Make Simple Authentic Jamaican Potato Salad, 4 Top Recipes

Once a Jamaican decides to cook up a good-ole potato salad, it’s almost always for a special occasion. Maybe friends are stopping by, a potluck is in the making, or a couple decides to spend the day together with a home-cooked meal. Whatever the occasion, potato salad is next to sacred in Jamaican households and aren’t eaten casually.

Maybe you’ve tried different variations of the potato salad. Americans may do things a bit differently, but if you’re looking to whip up a creamy delicious potato salad, Jamaican-style, these recipes will excite your taste buds.

“How To Cook” Jamacian Potato Salad By Cute2Fashionista

Mixed Vegetables For Your Jamaican Potato Salad

Cute2Fashionista knows how to throw down a mean potato salad in her kitchen. Her recipe includes the basic ingredients of any Jamaican potato salad – sweet corn, bell peppers, carrots, and green peas.

Her version of this salad is quick and easy to prepare since most of the ingredients used are canned. To make a healthier and fresher salad, replace canned items with fresh vegetables.

Mesha’s Corner Grandma Style Jamaican Potato Salad

How To Make A Jamaican Potato Salad Garnished With Scallions

Grandmas are always spicing things up in the kitchen, and that’s exactly what Mesha did with her grandma-inspired potato salad recipe. Not only does this salad dish looks good on a plate, it tastes even better.

Mesha’s potato salad version has a bit more flavor because of the dressing used. It contains melted butter, mayonnaise, mustard, black pepper, salt, and paprika. Jamaican cuisines are normally well-seasoned, so don’t forget to use your spices and herbs generously.

Cameal Davis Prepares Spotlight Potato Salad – Grace Foods Creative Cooking

Potato Salad With Lettuce Base

This potato salad is a wild one but includes all the ingredients (and more) that you’ll find in an authentic Jamaican potato salad. Cameal’s version is a bit elaborate and requires more ingredients, but it’s rich in nutrients.

It does take a bit more time to prepare, and some ingredients might be difficult to find in local stores.

Cameal uses scotch bonnet peppers in her recipe, so if you’re serving to children, it’s best to prepare the salad without.

Chef Ricardo Potato Salad

Lovely Jamaican Potato Salad Recipe In A Bowl

Chef Ricardo is a Jamaican native living in England where he teaches food lovers how to cook Jamaican meals from his YouTube channel and blog.

For this salad, Ricardo did not use hard boiled eggs, but he did use egg mayonnaise. For an eggless potato salad option, proceed to the next subheading.

Can You Prepare A Jamaican Potato Salad Without Eggs?

Jamaican Potato Salad Recipe Without Eggs and Mayonnaise

Yes, you can prepare a Jamaican potato salad without eggs. Not all potato salads are made equally. Maybe you’re on a plant-based diet or not a fan of eggs. Either way, Jamaican potato salads are flexible and allow for creativity.

To make an eggless potato salad, follow the same steps in Chef Ricardo’s video, but replace the mayonnaise with your favorite dressing or vinaigrette. Your salad dressing does not need to be fancy and could only include a blend of oil, vinegar (or lemon juice), fresh herbs, and spices.

If you’re not vegan but wish to maintain a similar creamy texture or look for your potato salad, simply whip up your own eggless mayonnaise in your kitchen. It’ll be healthier, and you’ll know what’s in it.

Stepping Things Up A Notch With Your Potato Salad

Add Nuts and Seeds To Your Potato Salad For A Nice Flavor

Cooking should be about personality and creativity. The best thing about a Jamaican-inspired potato salad is that you can always throw whatever you have in there and enjoy it.

To take your potato salad to the next level and add more flavor, you can add a few grains, seeds or nuts of choice. Sesame seeds and flax seeds add quite a bit of crunchiness to your salad so sprinkle a few of those if available.

Cranberries also enhance the taste of your potato salad. They blend well with your sweet corn and gives your salad a mild tangy-sweet taste.

So there you have it! Get your pots and bowls out and try one for yourself! Let us know how you get on 🙂


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