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Use A Facial Exfoliator And Astringent 

Use A Facial Exfoliator And Astringent To Remove Hair Dye From The Face

Yes, sounds silly, but going through your regular facial routine can remove dye stains. A rule of thumb is to remove dye immediately with cotton and water as it hits the face, but if left to dry, whip out your facial exfoliator and start exfoliating.

For this process, applying your exfoliator with a small facial scrub brush gets better results than using the fingers. This lifts the dye a lot quicker from your face. Plus, you get to unclog those pores in the making.

After scrubbing, rinse thoroughly and jump right in with your astringent; nothing harsh. Witch hazel is a great option since it’s mild on the face. Astringent on a cotton ball should get rid of whatever dye the exfoliator failed to remove.

Use A Regular Shampoo To Lather The Skin

Use Regular Shampoo To Seamlessly Remove Dye From The Skin

While the dye sits on your hair, this is a good opportunity to remove the stains from your body. For this method, use a generous amount of shampoo to lather the skin where the stains are. Yes, you may add it to your face.

Use the shampoo undiluted; do not add water. It will not work if water is added. Simply apply the shampoo directly to the skin and rub, the same way you’d apply soap with a washcloth to the skin.

While the dye processes the hair, leave the shampoo on to loosen the stains. The next step is to get in the shower after your hair is done processing. This is where you’ll wash your hair and the dye from your skin.  Yes, if you’ve gotten dye all over your skin, prepare to take a bath once you’re done with the process.

Use gloves while washing your hair. You do not want to get your fingers all messy when the dye is being rinsed from the hair.

Use Baking Soda And Dishwashing Soap

Use Baking Soda, Dishwashing Soap, And Lemon Juice To Remove Permanent Dye Stains From The Skin

Although dishwashing liquid (the one that’s tough on stains) can be used alone to remove hair dye from the skin, baking soda added to the mixture is a force to reckon with.

For this method, you’ll need:

  • 3 teaspoons of baking soda
  • 10 ml of dishwashing liquid soap (preferably Dawn)
  • 2 teaspoons of lemon juice

Add your baking soda to a container. Follow-up with your dishwashing liquid soap. The addition of lemon juice is optional, but it does kick up a notch this stain removal solution. Hence, if your stains are tough to deal with, stick with the lemon juice, girl.

Mix your ingredients to form a paste. This should have a bit of creaminess to it. After your solution is good and ready, take a washcloth, dip it into the solution, and massage onto dyed areas. You may want to apply a bit of force to the application, even scrubbing if that gets the job done.

Allow the solution to sit on the stain for about a minute. You may choose to jump into the shower or use water and a washcloth to remove the solution and dye together.

How To Remove Hair Dye From The Nails And Fingers

How To Remove Dried Hair Dye From The Nails

This is one of the toughest areas of the body to remove hair dye after it’s allowed to dry. We’re talking Mike Tyson and Bruce Lee kinda tough.

Some of the solutions used to remove hair dye from the nails and fingers should not be used on the face or other areas of the body. Use only on your fingers and nails. These are much harsher chemicals.

Use Vinegar With Dishwashing Soap And Finger Nail Polish Remover

Vinegar Combined With Dishwashing Soap And Nail Polish Remover Can Remove Permanent Dye From The Skin

The vinegar, dishwashing soap, and fingernail remover used for this mixture create a super-solution. Each ingredient has an effect on hair dye stains, but when used in a mixture, does a better job at cleaning the nails and fingers.

To use, add to a bowl 60 ml of white distilled vinegar, 2 tablespoons of dishwashing liquid, and 45 ml of nail polish remover (less can be used). Mix to combine.

Stick your hands one after the other in the bowl. You may need an old toothbrush for this process. Use it to brush away stains beneath the fingers.


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