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1. Lineup And Loosen The Side Seams

Cut the Side Seam of your Denim to Add Additional Material to the Sides

Locate the side seams of your denim and line them up together. You could choose to alter a single seam, but we want to get everything cohesive. What that means is, the left waist won’t consist of more fabric than the right and vice versa. Hence, adjusting both sides is important.

If you’re not sure about how to find the seam of your denim, it’s where two pieces of fabric are sewn together. On your denim, it’s likely located at the hips.

Once you’ve located the seams, cut them. You could use a seam ripper to separate the sides, but that’s too much work. Cutting the seam is simpler. If there are loops directly or close to the side seams, remove them. If this sounds foreign, don’t worry about it. The video shown at the end will clear up a few things.

2. Choose A Fabric Similar To The Jean You’re Stretching

Choose a Fabric Similar to the Jean you are Stretching

This step might take a bit of legwork. You may have to travel to the store to get a piece of fabric that’s close to your denim. It’s unlikely you’ll get the same fabric, so don’t fuss about the texture of the material. What you want to get as close as possible is the shade or color of the cloth.

Travel with your pair of jeans to save yourself the headache. You might choose the wrong shade.

3. Cut Out The Fabric To Cover The Gap

Use the Extra Fabric to Add to the Gap Made in Your Denim

You can cut the fabric to form a triangular shape by aligning it with the seams. If the side seam was cut appropriately from the beginning, this is the shape it would naturally take.

Alternately, cut the fabric in squares and add it under the cut seams. The additional fabric will later be cut off.

4. Attach The Fabric To The Gap

Black Woman Getting Read to Adjust the Waistband of a Jean

We’re ready to cover-up the gaps made when we separated the seams. This can be done with a needle and some thread. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you should be done in no time.

As mentioned before, this may seem foreign or hard to follow, so please watch the video provided. That should clear the air.

How To Stretch Jeans At The Width

Two Black Women Looking Snug in Their Skinny Jeans

Women with well-shaped thighs and slender waists tend to have this problem. While the waist measurement might align with your figure, your denim will likely struggle to pass the hips or are too uncomfortable when they do. There’s a workaround for that, too. Here’s how to stretch the width of your jeans in two different scenarios:

Denim Is Unable To Move Past The Thighs Or Hips – The Foam Roller Method

Use an Exercise Roller Foam to Help Stretch your Jeans

This fix requires a spray bottle with some cool water and two exercise foam rollers. If you don’t have foam rollers, any other similar object will do. The aim is to have something on hand that will stretch the fabric for you.

At this point in time, you should have your spray bottle with cool water in hand. Spray the jean at the thighs and hips until completely wet. Using your exercise foam rollers as your stretching agent, add them to the leg panels of the jean for about 15 to 20 minutes. Put your jeans on once dried.


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