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Denim Fits But Is Uncomfortable – The Wear It Method

Wear your Jeans Often to Help Stretch Them

Jeans do stretch on their own after several wears. So, the best way to get comfortable in them is to wear them often. Try to be active when you do. Exercising, although uncomfortable to begin with, is a great way to extend the fabric at the thighs and hips. Your pair of jeans will expand on your figure; plus, you’ll get a bit of exercise in while you’re at it.

Another option is to spray the jeans at the sides – a similar process to the one above – and pull in the opposite direction. It’s best to work on a leg panel at a time for a more comfortable fit.

Denim Fits But Is Uncomfortable – The Bathtub Method

Take a Bath in Your Jean to Help Stretch Them

If this method seems like the more ideal for your situation, ensure to have ample time on hand, with nothing pressing to do. The bathtub method to stretching your jean means you’ll have to get wet. Sounds crazy, right? Well, there’s a method to the madness.

To begin, suit up in your denim. If difficulties are encountered to pull up all the way, an option is to lay flat on the floor and try to fasten the button and close the zipper. At this point, your bathtub should be filled with water. Get in and sit for a few minutes, at least until the jean is soaked. As mentioned before, ensure to have nothing urgent to do.

This is where a bit of discomfort comes to the fore. Get up from the bath and wear the denim until its mostly dry. Yes, you are required to walk around in a wet jean. That’s the price we’re willing to pay.

For a better stretch, do a few lunges, jumping jacks, and squats. As a caution, try not to exert too much; you don’t want to tear the denim.

How To Stretch Jeans When The Length Is Too Short

How to Stretch your Jeans Lengthwise When They are Two Short

If you’re a serial denim machine-washer, you’ll encounter shrinkage, quite too often for your liking. Like some of your other denim issues this, too, can be fixed.

To stretch your jean lengthwise, all you have to do is wash them. That’s it? Well, no, a bit more is involved. Whether you choose to use your washer or hands, it doesn’t matter; just wash them.

After washing, fold the jean at the crotch area, lengthwise. At this point, the waistline should be stationed in one hand and the hemmed area, the other. You’re going to tug on the jean, pulling both sides in the opposite direction. If this is too much to handle, ask a friend to tug on one end while you tug the other. As usual, take care not to damage the fiber in the jean.

Put your jean out to dry. It doesn’t matter how you accomplish this; just let it dry. After drying, give the jean another stretch at the length. Put your denim on and strut your stuff.

Are Your Skinny Jeans Hurting You?

Black Woman Wearing a Comfortable Pair of Jeans

Sure, this isn’t what you came here for, but we love keeping it real. While we want your buns to turn heads while wearing your pair of jeans, your health is more important. Consider this as unsolicited advice.

Yes, your skinny jeans can hurt you, and that is why it’s so important to ensure you’re comfortable when you’re sporting them. Wearing your jeans too snug, or too close, could promote the growth of fungi and bacteria. This could cause a nasty case of yeast infection, which could later be transmitted to your spouse.

Tight jeans may also cause poor circulation in the legs. This could encourage cellulite, varicose veins, and other issues. This bit of detail isn’t to discourage your love of jeans. We look out for our sisters and think it’s important that you consider the health implications before buying your next pair. With that said, we have a few tips to share.

Tips On Buying And Caring For Your Denim

How to Shop for the Right Pair of Jeans

Buying and caring for a pair of jeans is hard work; you don’t want to settle for just any jean, even if it’s pleasing to the eyes. Buy jeans that are comfortable and ideal in size.

Here are a few tips to consider:

  • You should be interested in the fabric percentage on the label of the jean. Since you’re going for a comfy fit that doesn’t get loose after a few wears, ensure there’s not too much lycra or spandex in the fabric. In fact, the more stretch a jean has, the more you can expect that it’ll sag and bag.
  • When making a purchase, get jeans that are 98% cotton and 2% lycra. That’s the ideal ratio if you want a comfortable jean that fits.
  • When trying on denim, stick two fingers – preferably your index and middle – between the waist. If you can’t achieve this without struggling, you’ll be in big trouble taking home those pair of jeans. Remember, comfort is everything. It’s best to prance about in a comfortable pair of jeans, rather than pass out in the streets because it’s too tight.
  • You’re not encouraged to go about your day in dirty jeans but try not to wash them after every single wear. It will lose its shape and color with frequent washes.
  • Use white distilled vinegar in a spray bottle to get rid of odor in your jeans. Turn the denim inside out and leave in the sun to dry.
  • Handwashing your jean is better than tossing it in the washer.



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