How To Talk To A Black Girl You Like [Sisters, Share This With Men]

My sisters, please share this guide with all men you meet! It’s time for them to realize we are not unapproachable and are as open to talking to people as much as women of any other race. 🙂

Men, today we are going to look at how to talk to a black girl you like. I know from experience there are guys out there who fancy black women but don’t feel they are able to tell them how they feel. This could be for a number of reasons, many of which shouldn’t hold you back from pursuing the person you like.

So read on below for tips on talking to that black beauty… I hope you get your woman!

1. Remember, Black Or Not, We Are All Human

African American women are all the same as every other race

First of all, you need to remember we are all human. There is no reason why you should feel talking to black girls is different from talking to girls of any other race.

Where you grow up, your culture and other things do of course all have an impact on the person you become. That said, everyone is different. Just because of a women’s skin color it doesn’t mean they are going to have a set personality. Some will be open to talking to you, others won’t. But a woman being black isn’t reason enough for them not to talk to you.

Don’t look at black girls as women who are harder to talk to, because the truth is they aren’t.

2. Be Genuine If You Really Like Her

Be genuine when talking to a black woman

One of the most attractive qualities guy can have is them being genuine. We’ve all been there; meeting someone who seems like one thing at first, but down the line we find out they’re someone else entirely.

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Usually, a genuine personality stands out. Forget the pickup lines, forget putting on a front. Be true to who you are, and if you have a personality that matches the girl you like, they will be open to talking to you.

3. Don’t Fear Rejection From Black Girls You Like

Black girls are human so dont fear rejection

Now I’ll be honest with you, not every black girl you like and approach is going to be interested in you. But that’s to be expected right? After all, is every white girl you approach interested in you? What about every Chinese girl? Or every Indian girl?

The truth is, regardless of whether you talk to a black girl or a girl of another race, you are going to get rejected a percentage of the time. This is because not everyone is everyone else’s taste.

You may get rejected because you’re physically not their type, because you approached them wrong, or because any other 1000+ reasons. That said, don’t let that demotivate you. Approach enough black girls and eventually you will find some who are also interested in you. From there you can find that special one over time.


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