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Lace Wig Buying Guide

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So now you’ve been inspired by our lace wig style ideas, and you’re ready to browse for your next style.

But undoubtedly you have a few questions. After all, lace wigs come with so many options and variations it may be confusing for you, especially if you’re a lace wig virgin.

Don’t worry. We’ll answer all your questions in the next few sections, so by the time you’re done reading, you’ll be able to purchase a lace wig or lace front with absolute confidence.

What Lace And Knot Types Should I Pick?

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Let’s focus on lace types first. You might see ‘French lace’ or ‘Swiss lace’ written on a lace wig description. But what’s the difference? Well, French lace is the type usually used. It’s breathable and very durable. Swiss lace is more delicate and can practically be invisible at the hairline. But we’d recommend French lace for beginners – Swiss lace is so delicate that it can tear, especially when used with glue. Some wigs also have simulated ‘skin’, so that the hairline or even the whole wig looks even more natural. This is known as ‘thin skin’ or ‘microskin’.

Now, you’re probably thinking ‘knot types’?! I can choose how my hair is going to knot and tangle?! Well, not exactly. A lot of people don’t know this, but the hair in a lace wig is actually tied onto the lace using tiny little knots. Often these are double knotted. Sometimes single knots are offered around the hairline because they are thought of as being less detectable. Sometimes wig makers also offer bleached knots on their darker wigs, which means the knots are bleached to make it even more convincing that the hair is growing right from the scalp. Hidden knots are made totally invisible by weaving the hair through two layers of lace and a final top layer of silk. These are the most expensive lace wigs that money can buy, and they also look the most natural.

Baby Hair, Hairlines And Glue… Oh, My!

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The best lace wigs will come with baby hair and thinned out hairlines. This means there will be little strands at the front of the wig that are shorter, just like we all have naturally. Also, the hair will start with a lower density at the edges of the hair and move to a thicker density toward the crown area.

Unfortunately, though, not all wigs will come like this, and it can make them look quite unnatural. But a lot of wig-wearers are used to customizing their wigs to make them look awesome. The best way to do this is to put on the wig and to secure it in place with the clips. Then take small pieces of hair at the hairline. Use a razor to feather them down into baby hairs. Next, pluck out as much hair as you need to around the edges, to make sure it’s the right density and looks natural. Play with and customize your wig as much as you want until it reaches your desired look.

If you need to use glue with your lace wig, there are two types – glue adhesive, and strip adhesive. Glue adhesive is specialized wig glue. Strip adhesive is a special type of double-sided tape, with one side sticking to your head and the other side to the lace on the wig. We’ll talk about how to use those later.

Everything You Need To Know About Wig Caps

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Wig caps are optional. Here are the pros and cons of wig caps, so you can decide whether a wig cap is a good option for you.


  • A wig cap protects your hair when the lace rubbing against it. If you have hair loss, it protects your scalp from the lace, which can be itchy. In this way, a lace wig with a wig cap underneath can even act as a protective style for your natural hair.
  • A wig cap can prevent the wig from slipping.
  • A wig cap can prevent any of your hair from poking through the lace and ruining your look.
  • A wig cap can flatten your hair so there are no lumps or bumps to ruin your look, especially important if you’ve chosen a sleek style.
  • A wig cap can make your parting look more natural if you want to part in multiple places, because your hair color won’t be in the way.


  • A wig cap can make your head feel very hot.
  • If a wig cap is too tight, it can give you a headache.


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