The best mattress toppers 2022: supreme sleep comfort is here

The best mattress toppers can be almost as transformational to your sleep as buying one of the best mattresses. That sounds like a bold claim, but a good bed topper can quickly boost the comfort of your existing mattress and make it either firmer or softer as needed, depending on the type of topper you buy. If you sleep hot, you could also choose a cooling topper to better regulate in-bed temperature. 

On the whole, mattress toppers are far cheaper than buying a new mattress, and while they don’t last as long, they can help to extend the life of your mattress by at least a couple of years, depending on the state of your bed. Here we’ve rounded-up the best mattress toppers for different sleep needs and budgets, and we’ll also run you through the main types and how they can add more comfort to your bed.

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