The Complete Guide to Delta Partners: Earning, Redeeming, Elite Perks

Learn more about these partners, including how to earn and redeem SkyMiles at every level of status.

About Delta’s partners

When it comes to SkyMiles earning, Delta’s partner list is expansive. You can earn miles on Delta when flying with these partners, or use Delta SkyMiles to redeem for flights on most of these partners.

Delta’s partners include:

Earning miles with partners

On most Delta flights, passengers earn miles based on how much they spend on the ticket (there are a few exceptions for tickets purchased through some travel agents or cruise lines, for example).

For partners airline flights, redeemable miles and Medallion Qualification Miles (MQMs) are determined by a combination of distance flown and fare class. This is different from how miles are earned when flying on Delta, which is based on the cost of the ticket, not the distance flown.

For most discounted economy fares on most partners, you will earn 25% of miles flown as redeemable SkyMiles, and 100% of flown miles as Medallion Qualifying Miles. So, for example, a 1,000-mile flight in the lowest fare class on partner KLM would earn 250 SkyMiles and 1,000 MQMs. The earning table for each partner and fare class can be found on Delta’s partner page.

MQMs are used to determine progress toward elite status. Travelers can also earn Medallion Qualification Dollars (MQDs). When flying with Delta, MQDs are calculated based on how much you spend on the ticket. When flying with Delta partners, MQDs are also based on a combination of fare class paid and distance flown.

Note: When flying with partners, always make sure that your SkyMiles number is in the reservation and also printed on your boarding pass. Save boarding passes and ticket receipts from partner flights so that if miles don’t post to your account, you can request missing SkyMiles credit retroactively.

Can partner flights be more rewarding than Delta flights?

Sometimes partner flights can be more rewarding than Delta flights. For those chasing Medallion status, flying with partners on inexpensive, long-haul flights can be a lucrative way to earn more MQDs than actually flying on Delta. The higher the fare class, the more MQDs you can earn.

For example, someone flying business class on an “I” fare between Rome and Santiago, Chile, on Alitalia would earn MQDs based on 40% of the distance flown.

Let’s say that the ticket is $2,554. If this were a Delta ticket, MQDs would be based on the fare price. Since this is an Alitalia-issued ticket in “I” class, travelers earn 40% of distance flown as MQDs. In this case, that is $5,908.

That’s almost twice as many MQDs than on a Delta ticket. When long-haul partner fares are low, you can earn a significant number of MQDs toward Medallion status. In the above example, we are using approximate numbers. Technically, the taxes on the above ticket would not count toward the calculation.

When it comes to airline partners, each one has its own earning chart, and travelers should always consult this chart before purchasing a ticket. If the fare class of the ticket you are booking is not listed, no miles are earned.

In addition, SkyMiles Medallion members may earn a “Medallion Mileage Bonus” with some airlines, like Aeromexico or Air France, for example.

Redeeming SkyMiles with partners

When it comes to redeeming SkyMiles, things become more complicated if you plan to use partner airlines. Delta infamously removed award charts from its website. These were helpful to travelers so that they could plan ahead and earn a certain number of miles for their desired destination.

With dynamic pricing, Delta made SkyMiles more difficult to use because awards are more closely tied to demand and the monetary cost of a ticket. This means you have no guide to help you save up enough miles for a trip until you lock in the dates. Then, you are forced to pay whatever Delta is charging, unless you can change your destination or dates.

In some extreme examples, such as this one-way between the U.S. and Australia, that can translate to absurdly high redemption rates.

In general, you should use the same logic when determining whether to book partner flights using SkyMiles as you do booking Delta flights. Compare the value of the SkyMiles used for the award booking against a comparable cash ticket. If the value of the award booking is in line with or lower than the cash price, go ahead and book it.  (NerdWallet values SkyMiles at 1.3 cents each).

Tip: Understand how to use is not the most reliable resource for searching for award tickets. Since Delta’s website does not provide every possible route, a phone reservation agent might be able to search for more options.

For the best results, check the “My dates are flexible” box so that you can conduct a calendar search. Another trick is to search for award space segment by segment.

Let’s say you are flying between Atlanta and Athens, Greece. Try searching Atlanta to Paris first. If you find space, then search for flights from Paris to Athens. Once you find both, try to see if you can price the entire itinerary together as one award. Sometimes, longer connections that don’t appear in the initial search might prove fruitful.

Note: Delta now prices its lowest awards in basic economy, which do not permit advance seat assignments, flight changes or cancellation. However, basic economy awards are cheaper.

Access elite benefits across partner airlines

One of the perks of achieving Delta Medallion status is enjoying elite benefits when flying partner airlines. SkyTeam Elite Plus status (awarded to Gold Medallion members and above) comes with complimentary lounge access when flying SkyTeam partners internationally, SkyPriority access (priority check-in and boarding lines) and higher checked baggage limits. These perks can make international travel much more pleasant.

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