The Complete Guide to Hawaiian Airlines Partners

You may have the spirit of Aloha and more Hawaiian shirts than work shirts, but that doesn’t mean your only destination on Hawaiian Airlines needs to be the white sand beaches of Waikiki or the gorgeous coastline of Wailea.

While Hawaiian Airlines isn’t a part of any major airline alliance, they do have several partner airlines that can get you to plenty of destinations around the world. There are numerous ways you can take advantage of these partnerships to get greater value out of your miles.

This is your complete guide to understanding how to fly with Hawaiian Airlines’ partners.

Hawaiian Airlines partners

Hawaiian Airlines has a codeshare partnerships with the following airlines:

This means you can book tickets through Hawaiian Airlines on planes operated by these carriers. You can also earn and redeem Hawaiian Miles on most of these flights.

It should also be noted that while Virgin Atlantic is not technically considered a partner airline with Hawaiian Airlines, you can both earn and redeem Hawaiian Airlines miles on their flights.

Earning miles with partners

Taking advantage of Hawaiian’s partner airlines means that you don’t have to fly on a Hawaiian Airlines flight or even to Hawaii in order to earn HawaiianMiles.

To earn miles while flying on a partner airline, you’ll need to go through a number of steps to make sure you’re getting all of the miles that you’re entitled to. First, you must be certain that the flight you’re booking on a partner airline is eligible to earn miles.

Hawaiian Airlines does provide a chart to help you sort through the specific rules for each airline and which fare classes are eligible to earn miles. For example, flying premium economy on Japan Airlines, in booking class W or E, will earn you the same number of miles as if you took that flight on Hawaiian Airlines.

Once you’ve determined that you’re booking an eligible flight, you’ll need to provide your HawaiianMiles number both when you make your reservation and again when you check in for your flight.

If you do everything right, you should see miles in your account within two weeks of your travel date.

You should also know that miles flown on partner airlines do not count toward qualifying you for Pualani elite status, which is the frequent flyer program for Hawaiian Airlines.

Redeeming your miles with partners

Just as you can earn HawaiianMiles with partner airlines, you can redeem your miles with them as well. This means you can use your miles to fly almost anywhere in the world.

While there are no blackout dates when redeeming miles on Hawaiian Airlines flights, partner airlines do have a number of different rules and regulations that you’ll need to navigate in order to successfully book your flight with miles.

Unlike some airline travel programs, you cannot redeem your miles directly through the Hawaiian Airlines website when booking with a partner airline. Instead, you’ll need to call the HawaiianMiles Service Center and speak to an operator to book your partner award flight.

Other restrictions to be aware of include a requirement that all award tickets redeemed on partner flights must be round-trip, which means you cannot book one-way, multi-city or flights with stopovers.

Some airlines, such as Korean Air, will not permit you to use your HawaiianMiles to book seats in first class, while JetBlue will limit the number of award seats available.

While partner airlines do greatly expand the number of mile earning and redemption opportunities using HawaiianMiles, it’s important to familiarize yourself with all of the various rules and regulations so that you can get the most out of your miles.

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