The Under-Dye Hair Colour Trend We’ve All Been Waiting For!

How many of you have thought about flaunting a crazy hair colour trend and then just backed out? I know I have. The reason being you are not sure about how the colour will look on your hair, or if the workspace will accept it well. Flaunting vibrant hues like pink, purple, orange or blue is quite a bold move and not for the faint-hearted. Not to mention the maintenance it requires. And if you are worried about the chemical damage hair colour can do to your mane, opting for vibrant hues can only be admired and not tried out, am I right? Well, the under-dye or under-highlights hair trend is here to change your opinion and get you super excited to go in for whatever colour you’ve longed to experiment with while maintaining your preferred natural hair colour and minimising damage. 

The under-dye hair colour trend is all about applying the vibrant hair dye to the longest layers that sit around your nape or beneath the topmost layers of your hair cut so that when your hair is left loose, you get a peek at the colour from beneath your natural hair colour. Just imagine how gorgeous that would look when the wind blows through your hair. What’s best is when the colour fades, and you want to refresh your look without recolouring you can trim your mane a bit or treat and hide the bleached strands effectively until it grows out and recovers.

So if you want to try a solid vibrant hair colour, blonde hues, or a mix of colours like the rainbow hair trend, under-dye or under-highlights is the colour technique you can rely on. To help inspire you, we have collated some gorgeous examples straight front the gram. Check them out here!

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