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If A Woman Proposes To A Man, Who Buys The Ring?

Engagement rings from a black woman

If you’ve already made up your mind to propose to your man, the next thing that comes in mind is the ring. Keeping in mind that this is not an ordinary traditional proposal, you’ll have to buy the ring for him. It doesn’t have to be fancy or extremely expensive but it should make him smile.

If you don’t think that giving him a ring is a good idea, then you can use something else to signify your commitment. You could buy a bracelet or a watch that you’re sure he’ll love. Another good idea is getting him something that he loves.

If he is a football fan, get him a football jersey from his favorite team. If you could get one that is autographed by his favorite player, it would be great. Remember that it should be a magical moment for him.

Tips And Ideas On How To Propose To A Man

A girl making her proposal romantic

This is the hard part! You can propose in many ways, all you have to do is get creative. For starters, you can go the old-fashioned way by proposing during a candle-lit dinner. You can either book a romantic dinner in one of your favorite restaurants or prepare the dinner yourself at home. Ensure that you order his favorite meals or cook the meal he loves most. Pop the question during the meal or have the ring placed in his dessert or wine.

You could also go big by popping the question on a large screen. It could be at your favorite movie theater or at a function both of you are attending. Simply have a simple slideshow with his name and the words “Will you marry me”. Of course, you can get as creative as you’d like with this.

Proposing doesn’t have to be on the ground! Get on a hot air balloon and pop the question when you’re high in the sky. This is a perfect location since it includes breathtaking scenery, especially at sunset. Remember, you want to make this moment as memorable as possible.

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If you’re serious about proposing, don’t keep your ideas to yourself. Although others might be somehow skeptic when you tell them about it, they’ll be willing to assist you in every way possible. If you try to do on your own, you’ll end up getting frustrated. Whether it is his family members (just avoid those toxic ones), friends or coworkers, ensure you have a few people helping you with your plans. You’ll find their support very helpful and in case you feel like backing out, it won’t be that easy since you’ve involved a lot of people. Just hope that the people helping you can keep their mouths shut. You don’t want your boyfriend finding out about your plans.

Should I Get Down On One Knee When Proposing?

A black lady proposing on one knee

Traditionally, men get down on one knee when proposing to women. Well, if you’re a woman and you’d like to propose, you don’t have to get down on one knee. You can simply propose while sitting or standing or even lying down, whichever position you prefer. The words “will you marry me” are what matter. So, do what you’re comfortable with. However, getting down on one knee could make things a bit more interesting and serious. In the end, what matters is whether you propose or not.


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